Game Newton describes his post game conflict with Dolphins players, ‘They reach my chain’

Foxford, Mass. – Cam Newton The first game Patriots Is in the books and came with a few crackers. The former league MVP stunned with their feet and rushed for two points on their way to a 21-11 New England victory Miami Dolphins. In the final seconds, however, crackers began to erupt in the form of a brief scrap between Newton and some Dolphins.

Since the clock is marked as zero, CBS cameras show each other jaw-dropping Newton and ex-patriotic lineman Ellandon Roberts In the middle of a group of patriots and dolphins. Dolphins defensive decision Shock Lawson One can even see a shrine being thrown into the pile and Newton told a postcom video conference press that his chain had been dragged.

“I still got my chain,” Newton told reporters. “I ‘ve got two M’s, they’ reach my chain, yet they ‘reach my chain. And I think that type has come under my skin. I do not want to be selfish or dwell in it to focus on some sort of thing. I think for me as a team or personally – I was teasing the coach to let him know that a lot of mood college park was almost out of me. However, man, it was fun and it was expected. ”

Scrum quickly disbanded as soon as it left and the two clubs left for their respective locker room, but this was an oyster affair between these two AFC East rivals. Head coach Bill Belichick pointed out the controversy of the game during his post-game press conference and added pride to his team for not taking any penalties.

“Of course playing penalty-free or low-penalty is one of our goals, so I’m glad we were able to do that today,” Belichick said of his patriots, who were flagged only three times in the afternoon. “The game sometimes got a little oyster. We didn’t have any retaliation or personal misconduct penalties. I thought the guys kept their balance there in both of those situations at the end of the game.”

Newton added: “It’s a competitive game – both sides. You have to realize who you’re talking to, keep everything in the game. I felt like I was talking to a guy who was famous for making splits. So going back and forth is not my characteristic. But at the end of the day, it’s football; For me, whoever it is, I play on the edge of a match, I expect the other team to have one on the edge of the match.At the end of the day, nothing outside of that is respectable.I do not respect anyone, I do not want anyone to insult me.But at the end of the day, today is the most valuable thing We have won, that is the victory. ”

Newton was impressed during his first game with the Patriots, leading the club to 75 yards on the ground, to go with his two quick scores. CBS cameras showed Newton controlling and holding his femur as he exited the field, but Quarterback announced to reporters that everything was fine in that regard.

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