Gabriel Union finds solution to ‘America’s Got Talent’ workplace poisoning allegations

Gabriel Union And NBC – “God Talent of America“- A solution has been reached after the actress accused the show of being a toxic workplace.

In a joint statement with Fox News on Tuesday, NBC and union representatives said they had “reached a consensus resolution.”

“NBC Entertainment appreciates the important concerns raised by the Gabriel Union and is committed to ensuring an inclusive and supportive work environment that treats all backgrounds with respect,” the statement read.

The union’s allegations first hit the AGD in November, When Variety Dropped a blast report, claiming the union had been expelled as a judge from the tournament after raising concerns about the toxic workplace.

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Gabriel Union and NBC have reached a settlement after accusing ‘America’s Got Talent’ of developing a toxic workplace. (Photo by Rodin Eckenroth / Film Magic)

The 47-year-old star has been the subject of various racial criticisms, including hints of her many hairstyle changes, which were considered “too black” for “AGD’s” key figures – a critical union that has received more than half a dozen times.

She was not interested in what some would say was the comedian’s racially insensitive comedy J Leno When he was the guest judge.

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During the filming of an intermediate section, Leno joked about a painting Simon Cowell Surrounded by dogs. Leno joked that dogs can find anything on the menu of a Korean restaurant – much of the liveliness of “very few Asian staff” on the show.

The comment was later edited from the August 6 episode.

Gabriel Union and Juliana Hugh worked together as judges on 'America's Got Talent'. They both left the show at the same time. (Photographer: Trey Patton / NBC)

Gabriel Union and Juliana Hugh worked together as judges on ‘America’s Got Talent’. They both left the show at the same time. (Photographer: Trey Patton / NBC)

The union urged producers to report the incident to NBC’s HR department – but his request fell on deaf ears.

The report also cited an episode in which the union accused a white rival of impersonating celebrities and people of color through rapid costume changes. The contestant impersonated Beyonc And emerged with black hands.

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An internal investigation into the show is said to have never been fully completed, but no indication of formal racism was found. However, changes have been made here in the process of reporting to human resources.

The report was co-authored by Fox News’ Julius Young and Jessica Napoli

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