Fred Perry kills his yellow black polo shirt and condemns fascist distributors

Fred Perry’s polo shirts are the best polo shirts, an excellent English design Countless variations and colors. But the company, founded by the working class son of a socialist MP and a Jewish friend, was adopted by its most famous cut – the black and double yellow double-breasted shirt – uniform by the Pride Boys, founded by the violent fascist street gang Gavin McKinsey. The Pride Boys are back in the news, and Fred Perry is good enough. The company announced today It stopped black / yellow / yellow production some time ago, And issued an unusually clear and strong condemnation.

It is incredibly frustrating that this group took over our black / yellow / yellow double-breasted shirts and smashed our laurel evening to their own ends. …

The Fred Berry shirt is part of the British subculture uniform, which is accepted by various groups, which represents their own values. We are proud of its heritage and what Laurel Evening has represented for over 65 years: content, diversity and freedom. The black / yellow / yellow double-breasted shirt has been an integral part of the uniform since its introduction in the late 70s and has been adopted by different subcultures for generations without discrimination.

Despite its heritage, as a result of its association with the Pride Boys, we have seen the black / yellow / yellow double-breasted shirt gain a new and very different meaning in North America. That association must do what we can to end it. Therefore, we have decided to discontinue the sale of black / yellow / yellow double-breasted shirt in the United States from September 2019 and will not sell it again there or in Canada until we are satisfied that its association with Pride Boys is over.

To be absolutely clear, if you find our Laurel garland or any Pride Boys products or products with any black / yellow / yellow related items, we have nothing to do with them and we are working with our lawyers to pursue any illegal use of our brand.

Rare show of antiphosphate backbones for a large company. I’m going to buy a Fred Berry Polo today.

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