Final Trump, Biden Presidential Debate: What to Know

The Presidential Debate Thursday will provide voters with the final opportunity to compare President Trump And the Democratic candidate Joe Biden Side by side during an event that offers both opportunities and risks to candidates less than two weeks to go before election day.

Controversy surrounds every candidate – and the debate surrounding the debate, and the Supreme Court is pushing the candidate to the finish line as it is still in session to negotiate economic stimulus action for the ongoing corona virus outbreak.

It occurs less than two weeks before an election day, which results in delays in results due to the reliance on mail-in votes across the country due to the epidemic. Both sides are preparing groups of lawyers to wage legal battles over ballots that could even go as far as the Supreme Court.

Biden has designed the presidential election as a “war for the soul of this nation,” while Trump has said that race is a choice between the “American dream” and the “socialist hellhole.” Both have been involved in the attack, with Trump calling Biden’s family “a criminal entity” and Biden calling the president “a national embarrassment.”

How to see the final presidential debate

With less than two weeks to go before the 2020 presidential election cycle, here is what you need to know about the final presidential debate:

Place and time

The debate will take place at Belmont University in Nashville, Den, starting at 9pm ET as the first Presidential Debate and Vice Presidential Debate. Like the previous presidential debate and the vice presidential debate, the debate lasted an hour and a half, with no breaks.


NBC News White House correspondent Kristen Welker will moderate the debate.

Opportunity to change the pace of the campaign?

There are many infiltration points during a presidential campaign that are capable of accelerating in one way or another. Conferences for each party can do that. The first presidential debate is often dangerous for the incumbent, who faces a challenge from several primary debates. October surprises, of course, have that potential as well.

But with the exception of a big surprise in the next 12 days, this face-to-face meeting between Biden and Trump will be the last chance for this candidate to significantly change the pace of this race.

Trump, who is trailing in the election, can bring it closer with a decisive debate victory. Or Biden, who takes the lead, may exacerbate the odds of his success with dominant performance. Big cuffs or poor performance from the candidate can, of course, have the opposite effect.

In the next debate, the President defends the rules for cutting mics

Trump is likely to bring Hunter Biden email statements

Trump campaign adviser Jason Miller said on Monday that Trump could refer to the New York Post ‘reports about Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden if Welker does not bring it up.

“I think it’s very safe to assume that the president will do it, if evaluator Kristen Welker does not bring it up,” Miller said of “Morning with Maria.” “Again, these are real simple questions.”

The New York Post reports that Elder Biden met his son’s Ukrainian business partner, based on emails allegedly coming from a laptop hard drive that was once owned by Hunter Biden. The New York Post also reports on Hunter Biden’s business operations in China based on laptop emails.

Joe Biden called the statements a “smear campaign” and said that Biden’s campaign had reviewed Biden’s official schedules since that time and that no meeting had taken place, as reported by the New York Post.

The Supreme Court is not a topic

The Senate is set to confirm Supreme Court candidate Amy Connie Barrett on Monday. The Senate Judiciary Committee voted to report Barrett to the full Senate on Thursday afternoon, just hours before the debate began. Biden & Sen. Kamala Harris has not yet said whether she will close the Supreme Court if elected.

But the Supreme Court is not one of the topics, which are subject to change based on the new developments to be discussed during the debate.

Final Presidential Debate: Different here

Topics for discussion: Fight with COVID-19; American families; Race in the United States; Climate change; National security; And leadership. The titles were selected by Welker.

It looks like Trump will bring up the Supreme Court title himself, however, as his campaign has pointed out, he will also mention the Hunter Biden email story.

Candidates will have their mics turned off at the specified time

After Trump’s repeated interruptions during the first presidential debate – and some, but very little from Biden – the Debate Commission announced that it would change how the two candidates agreed to implement the rules before the debates began.

At the beginning of each 15-minute topic each candidate is given two uninterrupted minutes of talk, and the microphone for the candidate who did not speak at that time on Thursday will be reduced. Candidates from both the sections are open to other sections of each section, thus allowing the candidates to interfere back and forth on issues. In announcing Mike-Cutting, the Presidential Commission for Arguments (CPT) stressed that Mike’s rule does not affect the overall rules of debate.

Sarah Sanders Trump should say ‘hammer house’ in these 2 last debates

“Under the agreed debate rules, each candidate must have 2 minutes of unrestricted time to comment at the beginning of each 15 – minute section of the debate,” it said in a statement. “These comments should be followed by an open discussion. Both campaigns this week reaffirmed their agreement on the 2-minute, unrestricted rule.”

The commission also said that if one candidate interfered with another, “the time taken during any interruptions will be reimbursed to the other candidate.”

Oct. 15 Debate canceled

Three presidential debates were originally scheduled, but the second debate was canceled, making the October 22 debate the second and final of this election.

After Trump discovered the corona virus, the CPD announced that what was planned to be a second presidential debate would almost certainly happen. This happened in the midst of a backlash against Trump’s team for violating the rules of the debate and not wearing a mask in the first debate.

Trump said he refuses to take part in the virtual debate, as both candidates eventually planned to fight Downhalls instead of a debate.

There is no formal agreement that the debate is about foreign policy

Trump and his group loudly objected that only 15 minutes of Thursday’s debate would be devoted to national security, as the final presidential debate has traditionally been about foreign policy.

But no such agreement has been made and the titles are left to the discretion of the unlimited reviewers.

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Already tens of thousands have voted

As of Wednesday morning, nearly 38 million Americans had already voted in this presidential election, with early voting and the extended use of postal voting. Texas and Vermont already have more than 50% of their 2016 electorate, and New Jersey, Georgia, New Mexico and Montana each have more than 40%.

What this means is that voters will be less likely to be distracted by Thursday’s debate, no matter how it goes.

Fox News’ Christina Worm, Audrey Kanglin, Chris Wallace, Morgan Phillips, Ashley Cosolino and EV Fordham contributed to the report.

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