Fact Test: Final 2020 Presidential Election Debate

In the first debate, Trump’s dishonesty obscured Biden’s misinterpretations, as he repeated some of the lies that often occur when the president talks about both his opponent and the evaluator. In an effort to avoid some of the confusion of that first meeting, each candidate’s microphone will be muted during certain parts of Thursday’s debate, allowing their opponent to answer questions without interruption.

NBC’s Kristen Welker is the moderator of the 90-minute event and plans to focus on six key topics. In the first announced headline, Trump continued to mislead the American people, including his “60 minutes” interview, by fighting Covit-19. During an episode released by the president before the episode aired this weekend, Trump lied that the United States had turned the corner on the epidemic.

Other topics that Trump and Biden will be asked to address tonight include race, climate change, national security, American families and leadership in the United States.

CNN will verify the truth of both candidates overnight.

Corona virus

Trump: Corona virus ‘goes away’

Trump said the virus would go away. “We’re going around the corner and it goes away,” Trump said.

First facts: This is incorrect. The American corona virus condition – measured by newly confirmed cases, hospital admissions and test positive rates – is getting worse, not better. There is no basis for his vague claim that we are “going around the corner”.

Trump has been claiming for eight months that the virus will disappear or is currently disappearing.

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Trump: The Corona virus is expected to kill 2.2 million people early

Trump said 2.2 million people “are expected to die.”

Facts First: This is incorrect.

Trump might quote A report released in March Scholars at Imperial College London have estimated that a total of 2.2 million Americans could die from Govt-19 if no preventive measures are established at any level of society.

In other words, it is a loss of life if no action is taken to alleviate it.

The report does not analyze what would happen if the federal government did not take action against the virus, but rather what would happen if there were no “control measures or spontaneous changes in individual behavior.”

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Trump: Biden called him “racist” following travel restrictions on China

“When I closed China and banned it from coming in … he said I was racist, I did it very quickly,” Trump said.

First facts: This requires context.

It is not clear if even the former vice president was aware of Trump’s travel restrictions in China, when he called Trump a xenophobic on the day the restrictions were released; Biden never openly linked his accusation of racism to these travel restrictions.

Biden’s campaign announced in early April that it would support Trump’s travel restrictions on China. But the campaign did not say the former vice president had previously misbehaved about the ban, and apologized. On the contrary, campaign Biden’s Jan. 31 allegations – Trump has a record of “hysterical xenophobia” and “growing fear” – are not about travel restrictions.

The campaign says Biden was unaware of the restrictions during his speech by Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azhar as his campaign event began in Iowa after the Trump executive conference.

At the time of Biden’s comments, it was unreasonable for the Trump campaign to assume that the former vice president was talking about travel restrictions. But Biden never took a clear position on the restrictions until April announced support.

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Trump: He ‘plays’ when suggested to inject bleach

Biden attacked Trump’s comments about disinfectants and the corona virus.

“What did the president say? He said don’t worry, it’s gone. Be Easter. Don’t worry … you can inject bleach,” Biden said. “He said he was playing when he said that, but a lot of people thought it was serious.”

To which Trump responded, “He’s playing it.”

Facts First: This is incorrect. Was There is simply no sign Commenting in April, Trump was less serious, wondering if it would be possible to inject pesticides to combat Govt-19. The next day he said he was teasing.

During an April 23 press conference, Trump expressed interest in exploring the possibility of “injecting or almost cleaning the inside” with disinfectants.

Here is what he said: “[T]Chicken I see the disinfectant and it taps it in a minute. Is there a way we can do something like that by cleaning in or almost out, because you see it getting into the lungs, and it makes a huge number in the lungs, so it’s interesting to check, so you’re going to use medical doctors, but it’s interesting to me. ”

The next day Trump said he was “making fun of a question to see what happens to reporters like you.”

Read the long truth verification Here.

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Trump: Biden received $ 3.5 million from Russia

Trump said Biden received $ 3.5 million from Russia and that it “came through Putin because he was very friendly with the former mayor of Moscow, and that he was the mayor of Moscow’s wife. You got $ 3.5 million. Your family got $ 3.5 million.”

First facts: This is incorrect.

Trump previously appears to have tried to raise an indictment against Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, but has nothing to do with Joe Biden.

Hunter Biden also denies receiving the $ 3.5 million charge. Hunter Biden’s lawyer, George Messrs., Told CNN that Hunter Biden was not a Republican.

A Discriminatory Inquiry by Senate Republicans, The report released this month, by Elena Badurina, Russian businesswoman and The Wife of the late Moscow Mayor Yuri Lushko, Rosemond sent $ 3.5 million in 2014 to Seneca Thornton, and the fee was identified as a “consulting agreement”. This report does not provide additional details about the transaction.

He was co-founder and CEO of Rosemond Seneca Consultants, a Hunter Biden investment firm. But Messiers said Rosemond did not find Seneca Thornton with Hunter Biden. It is unclear what the relationship is between Rosemond Seneca consultants and Rosemond Seneca Thornton.

Trump did not provide the Senate report with any evidence that the payments were corrupt or that Hunter Biden had done anything wrong.

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