Facebook removes Trump ads on refugees and Govt-19

Facebook said on Wednesday that the Trump campaign’s advertisements that accepting refugees from abroad would increase the risks associated with the corona virus infection without evidence.

“We reject these ads because we do not allow claims that people’s health, health or survival is threatened by people based on their national descent or immigration status,” Facebook spokeswoman Andy Stone said in a statement.

The commercials also featured a video of Joe Biden talking about the border, with a text about “health risks” from “The Rise of Refugees.” It also accused Biden of increasing the number of refugees from Syria, Somalia and Yemen by 700 percent. The ads did not cite any source.

The Trump campaign began running ads with at least 38 different versions on Tuesday, before Facebook decided that those ads were running beyond the company’s ads. Advertising policies.

One edition targeted Facebook users in Florida and received 5,000 to 6,000 entries before it was removed, according to Facebook’s online advertising library. Another version targeted people in North Carolina and received 60,000 to 70,000 records.

President Donald Trump’s campaign stood behind the ad and reiterated in a separate statement that Americans would be at greater risk of Covit-19 if Biden were allowed into the refugee presidency.

“Americans can count on President Trump to lead our country through this crisis and provide a better American comeback,” campaign spokeswoman Courtney Barella said in the statement.

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