Exit from a dominant season starter

‘Less Flash’ and more balanced offensive attack

It doesn’t include the Five-Touch Down explosion like last year’s season opener against the Miami Dolphins or the virus that broke the internet.

Nothing about the Ravens’ attack on Sunday was too bright, but it may have been one of the most impressive shows to date under Jackson.

“What Jackson did was a commanding performance, it showed how much he had grown and how hard he had worked to improve the perceived weaknesses,” wrote Jeff Sreepeek, an athlete. “The Browns Ravens’ record-breaking game was limited to just 3.6 yards per car, and Jackson took the game in his hands as it continued to penetrate inside.

“… glowing? No. Is it useful? Too much.”

One of the biggest criticisms from pundits is how the Ravens offense works when the ground game is not working. On Sunday, the offense did not dominate the yards (107) or holding time that rushed after time last season. With 275 yards and three touchdowns they are not needed as Jackson did his damage through the air.

In many ways, pundits believe that Jackson will look like an even better passerby from an MVP season.

“The dominant league most valuable player threw 36 touchdowns against six interceptions on his way to his MVP season last year, with a completion rate of 66 per cent,” wrote Bo Smolka of the Press Box. “If possible, his passing game in this game seemed even sharper and more accurate because he finished with 20 of 25 passes, often throwing feathers beyond the boundaries of a defender.

“Jackson has insisted on deep throws in this office, and he’s not taken down many shots, but he’s advanced Marcus ‘Hollywood’ Brown with a 47-yard strike.”

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