Eta 2020 becomes the twelfth U.S. landslide of the season

From National Hurricane Center:

All U.S. tropical alerts are off. However, tropical storm monitoring is in place for the Cuban provinces of La Habana, Artemisia, Mayapec, Pinar del Rio and the islands.

The latest severity forecast now has an eighth of a tropical storm strength for the week.

The tropical storm Etta has a wind speed of 50 mph and is moving southwest at a speed of 9 mph. The core pressure is 995 millibars.

Here are the top news related to Etta:

Etta made its first landslide of Type 4 hurricane on Tuesday, November 3, at 4:00 pm, blowing 140 miles south of Puerto Cabasos, Nicaragua. Last weekend, Etta became the 28th hurricane named after the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season. Etta has never been used as a tropical cyclone name before. The last named storm of the 2005 season – the only year-zeta used by Greek characters to name tropical systems.

As Etta Atlantic becomes the fifth major hurricane of the 2020 season, here is a look at the year so far:

Although somewhat unusual, there have been several landslide hurricanes in November.

Stay tuned for the latest updates on the tropics with other great weather headlines.

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