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Austria’s Chancellor Karl Nehammer has put forth a groundbreaking proposal to secure the right to use cash in the country’s constitution. The move comes as cash continues to remain widely popular for payments in Austria, sparking concerns that its usage may be limited in the near future.

Unlike many of its European counterparts, Austria and its neighbor Germany have clung onto their affinity for cash, resisting the shift towards card and electronic payments. This has prompted discussions about the potential restrictions on cash usage that could be imposed in the future.

Interestingly, the far-right opposition party, the Freedom Party, has been a strong advocate for safeguarding the use of cash. Their stance on this issue has contributed to their recent surge in popularity, leading them in the polls.

In response to these concerns, Chancellor Nehammer has put forth a proposal that seeks to constitutionally protect cash as a legitimate means of payment. This would ensure that people can continue to use cash without any hindrance. To gather input and perspectives from various stakeholders, Nehammer plans to conduct a round table discussion in September.

However, not everyone is on board with Nehammer’s proposition. The Social Democrats, the largest opposition party in Austria, have criticized the proposal as being populist in nature. They have also raised concerns about how it may impact the accessibility of ATMs, a vital component of the cash-centric system.

Despite the differing opinions on the issue, Nehammer’s proposal has undoubtedly sparked a nationwide debate on the future of cash in Austria. As the discussions unfold, it remains to be seen whether constitutional protection for cash will be implemented or if the country will gradually shift towards a more digital payment landscape.

In the meantime, Austria’s citizens eagerly await the outcomes of the September round table discussion, where crucial decisions surrounding the use of cash will be made. As the debate continues, the fate of cash in Austria hangs in the balance, with potential implications for the country’s financial system and the daily lives of its citizens.

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