Elvihurst Orangethory linked to COVID-19 outbreak, at least 18 cases confirmed

Elmhurst, no.

A few days after the eruption, the venue reopened on Tuesday.

“Try to do group exercise if you can, because air flow makes a difference,” says Dr. Poonam B. Thackeray said. “If you are in a closed environment with a lot of people, the chances of exposure and continued exposure are high.”

Dr. Thacker, project director of the Sports Medicine Fellowship at the Amita Health Resurrection Medical Center, said the virus can spread very easily during indoor group exercise classes. He suggested exercising outside and reminding people not to share gear.

“Dedicated equipment, make sure you clean those tools and make sure they don’t move around the room, and you’re only in your bubble,” he said.

According to Orangetheory Fitness, their workouts during infections are also designed to reduce cross-contamination. The company also said staff clean between classes and conduct temperature tests at the door.

“There is no way to be 100% safe,” Thackeray said. “We’re talking about risk reduction here. Reduce risk for you and everyone else.”

In a statement, Orangethory Fitness Management said, “We are working with local health officials to track any additional incidents as soon as possible. Confirmed … “

Elmhurst sees a spike in COVID-19 cases overall. New data from the Tobago County Health Department shows a 10% increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in the city.

The increase in cases is believed by people living in the area to be another reminder that the virus is not yet, and is still spreading.

Todd Benson, who lives in Elmhurst, said: “I’m worried about being one.” This is unbelievable. “

McSullivan, who lives in Elmhurst, says, “You can’t be a crowd when there’s a virus like this.

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