Earl Thomas’ freelancing, locker room issues raise concerns

Three weeks into the Dallas Cowboys’ season, two Sports Day traditions go hand in hand: the second stumbled by a passing attack and Earl Thomas began to gain popularity on social media sites in the state of Texas.

Three straight Mondays played a familiar question pinball through the Dallas fan base.

Is this the week that the Cowboys finally call Earl Thomas?

Every week, there is no answer – without a sensible explanation.

Now, with Houston Texan It seems to be engaging with Thomas and the signing is immediate, The question is:

Why didn’t the Cowboys call Earl Thomas?

Each time a defense burns deeper. There is not enough blockage in the star receiver in a cornerback every time. Each time Dallas leaves the Touch Down Pass at historic proportions.

Despite the need for secondary cowboys, Dallas sent free agent Earl Thomas through a number of issues flagged by the Seahawks and Ravens organizations. (Elaine Thompson / Abby)

Fans can dial back to Monday’s statement from Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones “This is good” burning home memory For the team’s main radio station, 105.3 The Fan.

“Overall, we’ve got people here on campus that can work for us.” Jones said.

It’s a stylized position, even with injuries that forced the Cowboys into their second tier and a unit that is still adjusting with project changes under new defensive coordinator Mike Nolan.

Downstairs to Dallas Second, the bottom of the Stot Line. He is one of the worst teams in the Cowboys League in almost every defensive division with three games, including the last death of nine touchdown bosses surrendering. Surprisingly, nine have come in the last two games, with Matt Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons and Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks. Nearly perfect mastery clinics staged what.

Fall? It has become clear that the Cowboys have made a mistake Prioritize the signature of the taxpayer Jaylon Smith Over Cornerback Byron Jones In Summer 2019. In March they allowed Jones to leave the free company, Ultimately putting pressure on young cornerbacks and defenders who don’t match the grief through three games. So much so that even the Cowboys Hall of Famer Troy Eichmann could not resist Thomas coming to the speech after the loss in Seattle on Sunday.

“It simply came to our notice then [to Dallas], With some issues there and big plays, yes, he might get a phone call, ”Aikman said at the end of the Fox broadcast.

That call did not come. At least, it didn’t come with a job offer. Now, the conversation moves on for the Cowboys, but without answering the lingering question of why. Keep in mind that the team owner is leaning towards head coach Mike McCarthy, who is very clear about what he wants in the right locker room, with the right players – making any project he can think of.

Earl Thomas was never going to be included in that plan.

It is worth considering why Dallas was upset that Houston did not openly do so. At this point I came across some evidence of insight into how Thomas came to be – three games in an NFL season and the need for a lifeline from Texas. In other words, why was Dallas so reluctant to roll the dice on a player who had previously made it clear he wanted to play for the owner?

The answer is not a thing. This was outlined by well-known sources of Thomas’ decision in Seattle and Baltimore, two owners who were content to progress without him. It is a word that should be underlined here. Content.

Despite boasting considerable talent, Thomas was shown the door by two owners, who are proud of themselves for being able to handle Mercury soldiers. Thomas wore his welcome in both places. The problems basically arose from three issues.

Among them …

Domain reliability

In Seattle, despite Thomas’ considerable coverage skills – and they were certainly elite during his Seahawks reign – he occasionally had an interest in freelancing, which put pressure on the rear end of the project.

While Com Chancellor was healthy and playing with Thomas, he leaned over her in Seattle to let everyone (including Thomas) know where they should always be, and to understand and cover up the footage Thomas captures from space.

This became a concern when the Chancellor’s health began to decline. Importantly, Seattle felt that Thomas was in his best (and most independent) position when he and the Chancellor were paired. When that deal is not feasible for long, Seahawk hopes that Thomas will mature into the presidency and that credibility on the field will never work. This played a part in why Seattle was reluctant to give Thomas another long-term extension.

Seehack needs Com Chancellor, medium to keep Earl Thomas on the field. (Wesley Hit / Getty Images)

Fast forward to the Ravens, that credibility was a bigger issue than expected.

A group of locals said Thomas had been late for repeated meetings Peter King’s statement confirmed that Thomas had missed a rehearsal. Some teams thought he was a diva, still believing he was an elite player with the ability to deal with mistakes or do a job. Some in the company questioned whether his Pro Bowl decision in 2019 was more celebrity than questions.

It was easy to collide with Thomas through both systems. He’s a great player when he is paired with another top defender, he bites his tongue and allows Thomas to freelance, while at the same time cleaning up some of Thomas’ mistakes and accepting the burden of making sure every play is properly aligned to the secondary. .

Dallas does No. Have that kind of efficient protection. That is, the team must believe that despite Thomas being 31 years old and in the winter of his career, he is something that is historically non-existent.

Locker Room Chemistry

The Seahawks felt like Thomas was an elite warrior, a foreigner when its personality came to the forefront. He was never elected captain. In fairness, the owner had a lot of talent, and there were only so many opportunities for that distinction.

Outside of what he played on the field, Thomas was never forced into the alpha role in the locker room. There were always many players who took that shield. When Seattle believed that he could land the role following the end of the Chancellor’s life, it did not happen … It was flat as Thomas ’extension talks went sideways.

In the end, he’s not a player who ever broke into Seattle’s locker room, but he’s never acted like he’s nurtured it.

In Baltimore, it is fair to say that many players and staff around the organization did not notice the lotus in the locker room.

The Ravens’ 2019 win The grip is closed. Following the break of the COVID-19 off-season, it was hoped he would return, be a dedicated teammate and still fit unhindered as a leader.

As a Ravens source points out, this is a franchise that led to the co-operation of the likes of Steve Smith, Anquan Boldin and Marcus Peters. They may be a handful of personalities, but in the end they earned immense respect rather than rubbing teammates in the wrong way.

That never happened with Thomas. Then during the 2020 training camp, He stabbed Chuck Clark, A humble, hard-working and well-known team player. This is the last straw for some Ravens players.

Earls Thomas and left-handed Chuck Clark train during the Ravens training camp on August 18, 2020, just before the end of Thomas’ tenure in Baltimore. (Patrick Smith / Getty Images)

Off-field confidence

His seahawks run – though one Extraordinary decision that led to his own flip side – Not affected by a lot of confidence issues. But the Ravens? It went fast towards the south.

First big step: Baltimore brain was angry at not being warned in advance about the much-publicized optimism Domestic incident between Thomas and his wife, This is the mushroom when TMJet leaves the Ravens mill to print and capture precious details.

Ravens regretted that Thomas chose his social media accounts as an opportunity to try to clear up the incident, rather than believing in silence and guidance from the right.

That alone is not a significant violation.

The issue of ending the second and final relationship was created at a crucial moment when Baltimore was deciding whether to save the situation with Thomas following a fight with Clark.

When Thomas posted parts of the training film on his social media pages, the team considered that face to be a big challenge. Some in the organization at the time knew that there was no going back. Even Thomas’ limited supporters internally agreed that it was time to leave him.

It was a moment when Thomas reaffirmed his confidence as a selfish player, highlighting himself in front of the team on and off the field whenever he felt fit.

What has this got to do with the Cowboys’ final decision to pass Thomas?

Considering the history of the team that was misled with the red flagged players, the message sent to the younger players was ultimately understated. While Thomas cannot be included as much as Greg Hardy, Hardy still has a lasting remnant of being a selfish player who has often run counter to the team’s message about personal responsibility. That remnant is not something the team wants to own right back inside the building.

Time will tell whether Thomas is really that kind of player – or if he has lost a step or if he needs the next elite players to cover up his decision.

The reality of his game is that despite being 31 years old and on his third team for three seasons, Dallas will not show it. This says something in light of the fact that Dallas Secondary has revealed this sea season.

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