Dutch diplomat robbed in Colombia

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A Dutch diplomat was robbed in Bogotá, the Colombian capital, last Tuesday. According to Colombian media, a bag containing, among other things, a work laptop was stolen. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirms the incident, but does not yet know exactly what was stolen. It is therefore also unclear whether the diplomat had confidential information with him at the time of the flight.

The Dutchman went for a bite to eat in a restaurant with another person on Tuesday. Colombian media write that he had put his bag on a chair next to him. When he asked for the bill and wanted to pay, he discovered that his bag was missing.

His passport and wallet would also have been there. A ministry spokesperson says assistance is being provided, but does not comment on what was stolen. If the documents were indeed stolen, the diplomat can, for example, receive an emergency passport.

Suspicious woman

The diplomat reportedly surrendered to police immediately after the incident, and they quickly identified a suspect. A woman who was also in the restaurant reportedly stole the bag. The police are investigating and looking at, among other things, the images from the security cameras.

The theft took place near Parque de la 93, a popular entertainment district in Bogotá. Publimetro writes that there is a gang of “very neat and stylish women” active in the area, running wild there. They are more likely to have stolen bags or wallets from careless people in restaurants or nightclubs.

Colombian police expect to arrest a person involved in the case soon.

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