During Shane Bieber’s season, wild-card couples and other Cleveland Indians quickly win

Cleveland, Ohio – The Indians do not know who or where they will play in Game 1 of the post-season wild-card round on Tuesday. Hey, the regular season still has one weekend, so what’s the hurry?

What they do know is that Shane Bieber will start Game 1 no matter who or where he played. As the big news goes it will not be competitive to split the atom or find the iPhone. When else do you want to beat the AL Cy Young winner?

In his zoom call on Thursday afternoon, acting manager Sandy Alomer said: “We know Bieber is going to start the first game. “After that, it could be Zack Plazak or Cookie Karasko. They haven’t decided yet.”

They will be the pitch field of the Indians as Alomer calls them.

The wild-card round, a product of this corona virus-compressed season, is the three best encounters between the top eight teams in each league. On Wednesday Bieber dropped five innings, amassed 10 runs and allowed a run to win 3-2 against the White Sox. This puts him in line for Tuesday’s start. Blaze started Thursday night against Chicago, thus putting him in line for Game 2. He is scheduled to start Friday against the Karasco Pirates, which puts him in line for Game 3.

Alomer said: “It’s the third,” the more likely it is, the more they plan things out. “

The Indians entered the game on Thursday night as the seventh seed in the A.L. wild-card film. Within hours they were matched in their wild-card series against the Wild Socks, doubles and A, as the team’s luck flowed in line with the scoreboard. If the post-season had started during the game on Thursday, the Indians would have played with the No. 2 Seat A’s in the collegium.

This is probably not a great fit for Indians. Ace went 5-1 against the Indians last year and has been 7-2 in the last three years in the collegium. Meanwhile, the duo went 7-3 against the Indians this year. The Indians were 7-2 up against the White Sox before Thursday night’s game.

The Indians also have a chance to run the series if they beat the second-placed White Sox or the first-placed duo at AL Central. The first scene is only a few fewer games than the second.

For a moment, let’s review Bieber’s season. He went 8-1 with a 1.63 ERA in 12 starts. All eight wins lead to big leagues, so his 1.63 era. Tito for his 122 strikes. He is in third place with 0.87 WHIP (average number of runners per innings to reach the base against him) and fourth in batting average.167.

The Indians went 10-2 in Bieber’s 12 starts, which should get him some ALMVP votes besides Sai Young’s favorite.

“I’m not going to get caught up in that,” Bieber said. “I was able to get out there and be able to go out with that constant confidence day in and day out. Not just going out, but everyday. Getting to work, showing up every day and being comfortable in my routine. This is a big part of what has come down this year.”

Pitching coach Carl Willis has coached four Cy Young winners in his career – CC Sabathia, Cliff Lee, Felix Hernandez and Rick Borcello. He knows how one is even in an epidemic-compressed season.

“When I’ve seen you go back and win a Psy Young for a whole season,” Willis said, “is dominant. Rick Porcelo won 22 games. Cliff Lee went 22-3. … For me, the consistency that Shane showed – he threw. He had to work hard to get deep into the games because of the pitches – but to me it feels so real. “

After the Hall of Fame Bob Feller in 1940, Bieber became the second Indian pitcher to win three crowns, epochs and strikeouts. Bieber’s 122 strikeouts this season are sixth for any pitcher through the first 12 starts of modern times (Elias Sports) this season. Baseball considers the modern era beginning in the 1900s.

Quick hit:

* Alomer liked what he saw From Rookie Tristan McKenzie revealing his first career relief appearance on Wednesday. McKenzie threw two non-scoring innings with three strikeouts and could have won a spot in the bulb for the latter season.

“Yeah, we were excited about that,” Alomer said. “If Tristan is to be used, you want to see what kind of options you have in the postseason, and it was a positive trip for him.

“His velo went up, he had the best breaking ball and he was in control. I know it’s not the post season, but to go to the post season, you have to get the experience here now. So, at least we took him in there and he played better.”

* Last Indians Josh Bart and Karim Garcia did it against Seattle on August 23-24, 2002. Jose Ramirez dropped the White Sox with a three-run homer on Tuesday night in the 10th inning. Jordan Lublo beat them by a single in the ninth place on Wednesday.

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