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There are sci-fi epics, and then there’s Dune. Frank Herbert’s sprawling 600-page novel is an expansive get the job done, with hazardous desert planets, tussling political hierarchies, marauding skyscraper-sized sandworms, and a looming prospect of war. And at the centre of it all is Paul Atreides, a noble youngster from House Atreides, thrust into threat, about to confront the greatest problem of his daily life. For both of those the treacherous desert of Arrakis and the young hero venturing into it, it had to be the authentic offer – as a result visionary director Denis Villeneuve eschewing green-monitor to shoot in the Wadi Rum desert, with Timothée Chalamet as his top guy.

“That component of the Wadi Rum is so awe-inspiring, you might as properly be obtaining chased by that cliff in the history,” Chalamet informed Empire. “It was not a eco-friendly-monitor or anything at all. Which is one of the most thrilling parts of the guide and the motion picture. We had the sketches. That was a lesson for me. On a Get in touch with Me By Your Name or Lovely Boy it can be counterintuitive to see the storyboards for the reason that then probably you limit yourself based mostly on a camera angle or whatever. It’s the reverse [here] because, for a sequence with the sandworm chasing you, I could in no way visualize that.”

As seen in Empire’s planet-distinctive Dune concern – on sale Thursday 3 September, and obtainable to pre-buy on-line now here – take a manufacturer new look at Chalamet’s Paul Atreides, joined by Zendaya’s mysterious Fremen tribeswoman Chani, her eyes glowing blue from exposure to Arrakis’ important resource, spice.

Paul’s father is Oscar Isaac’s Duke Leto, right here observed in Atreides struggle armour and joined by his learn-at-arms Gurney Halleck, performed by Josh Brolin.

And lending muscle mass to the Atreides clan is Jason Momoa’s Duncan Idaho, listed here wielding twin blades and exhibiting exactly why he’s not to be messed with.

Keep tuned for much more Dune exclusives from Empire coming quickly, and select up the situation – heading on set to Arrakis and past, and conversing to Villeneuve, Chalamet, Zendaya, Isaac, Momoa, Brolin, Rebecca Ferguson and much more – on shelves from 3 September.

Pre-get a duplicate with free of charge British isles shipping and delivery now – decide on the Household Atreides go over in this article, the Fremen address listed here, or a discounted bundle that includes each editions below.

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