Dozens of Amazon Basics products pose a security risk, the report said

The affected products include USB charging cables, battery chargers, office equipment and other inexpensive accessories. One particularly complex product, according to CNN, is the voice-operated microwave, which “began to spark and smoke” as soon as it was activated by CNN tapping researchers to investigate the product.

CNN reports that in some cases the product in question was not used even in the event of a fire or overheating. The source of the problems was not immediately clear. But the problems were widespread for some products, which were reported by dozens of people who bought the same product.

Amazon has discontinued some of the products identified by CNN, but continues to sell other products named in the report – even after many customers said the product melted, triggered or caused a security risk.

In a statement, an Amazon spokesman said that “safety is a priority” and that “the company believes that Amazon Basics is safe to use in the microwave.” “This device constantly meets or violates all certification requirements established by the FDA, UL, FCC, Prop65 and others for security and functionality,” the spokesman said. Amazon also pointed to the latest Website About the security of Amazon Basics.

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