Doug Prescott: The cost of the injury to him and the Dallas Cowboys

Lost the prescott Injury Sunday is devastating to the Cowboys’ expectations this season, and apparently for him as a player. But as he embarks on a lengthy rehabilitation mission, Prescott will consider the financial changes of his implemented layoffs.

The 2016 NFL attack rookie is out of contract at the end of this season, playing under a one-year franchise tag this season, fully guaranteed $ 31.4 million.

Prior to suffering from that joint fracture and his right ankle dislocation, Prescott was Leads the league In passing yards, endeavors and accomplishments this season.

It is widely rumored that if he had continued to play at the same level, he might have lined up for a similar deal with Kansas City leaders quarterback Patrick Mohomas.

During the off-season, Mahomes signed a 10-year deal with the chiefs Is said Worth up to half a billion dollars.
Doug Prescott came down to the field in tears after suffering a serious ankle injury.

New NFL TV deals

As stated in it Jane Slater of the NFL Network In July, Cowboys awarded Prescott a five-year $ 175 million contract with a $ 110 million guarantee.
During contract negotiations with the Cowboys in the off-season, the 27-year-old Is said He wanted a four-year contract, so he would soon be a free agent, shortly after the start of the new NFL TV contracts – which would significantly increase the teams’ salaries.
Current television contracts expire in 2022, accordingly CNBC, The new deals could raise the NFL’s annual media rights revenue from about $ 7.5 billion to $ 15 billion.
Game Broadcast After his injury at the end of the season, Prescott’s contract gambling and the rejection of the $ 175 million deal cost him an estimated $ 144 million somewhere in the region.

However, this loss is only true if Prescott never takes another event, and in any case, only a fraction of $ 4,144 million will be guaranteed. Prescott earned by signing his one-year license tag contract.4 31.4 million, the actual number of gamblers. 78.6 million.

Based on his performance in the first five games of the season and contracts taken by other quarterbacks, such as Mahomes’ mega deal this year and four-year $ 160 million Agreement Deshane Watson of Houston Texans signed in September that the newly awarded contract would be less than the $ 5 175 million already awarded to Prescott.

If he doesn’t reach any deals again this year, but the Cowboys decide to re-entitle him to the 2021 season, he will earn 6,37,690,800.

The comeback begins

There is also concern that Prescott may not return the same player after such a significant injury.

Prescott’s older brother Todd is hoping to recapture his brother’s ability, saying on Twitter: “This year’s MVP & comedian of the same season. The fight starts today with Lil Pro.”

Dallas is positive that Prescott will make a good comeback.

He underwent surgery Sunday night, Cowboys CNN reported Monday, and the operation is expected to be successful and he is expected to be released from Prescott Hospital the same day.

GM, the owner of Cowboys. Yumana Jerry Jones backed Doug to fully recover after Sunday’s game: “I do not know anyone who is more willing to respond from a perspective of mental and emotional toughness and determination than Doug Prescott to respond.

“He is an inspiration to everyone he touches. He has all of our love and support. And we have no doubt he will return to the level of leadership and purpose he brings to our team.”

Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, has backed Prescott from recovering from injury and backed up his place as a quarterback.

Stephen Jones, son of Cowboys vice president and Jerry Jones, echoed his father’s thoughts, saying on Monday 105.3 The Fan: “He’s our future, he’s special. If anyone can win anything, it’s Doug.

“It makes our doctors feel better. He’s coming back better than ever.”

Prescott is not the only one in the organization hoping to return healthy from injury.

The 22-year-old former Dallas Mavericks Chief Physician and current medical director of the Texas Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Board, Dr. Athletes Prescott’s injury was severe but very treatable.

“I am optimistic for a number of reasons,” Saryal said. “I am confident because Duck is healthy, he is young, he is in good physical condition, he will get better medical care, he will get better rehab and physical treatment and he has access to modern equipment available.

“Putting all those things together, I hope he recovers.”

However, Prescott’s bargaining power is how the backup could be weakened by Andy Dalton.

Dalton, 32, is one of the most experienced backup quarterbacks in the NFL, having created three Pro Bowls as a quarterback for the Bengals during his eight-year tenure in Cincinnati.

Prescott's bargaining power depends on how well Andy Dalton's backup works.

If Dalton takes the Cowboys to a division victory and takes them to the playoffs and makes deep progress in those playoffs, the Cowboys are in a very powerful position when negotiating with Prescott. If Dalton fails, the ball is back on Prescott’s court.

Dalton may try to follow in the footsteps of Nick Falls. As a backup for the injured Carson Vents, the Foles led the Philadelphia Eagles to Super Bowl victory and won a Super Bowl MVP Cong.

After failing to block start-up work in Philadelphia, Foles secured a four-year $ 88 million contract with Jaguars in Jacksonville in 2019, including a $ 50.1 million guarantee and an incentive of up to $ 102 million.

A year later, he was traded to the Chicago Pierce, and this season he won the opening job from Mitchell Trubiski.

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