Dolby Vision for Xbox Series X Gaming Supports HDR

Dolby Atmos is more of a known size and is already available in some games. It could improve your gaming in theory because it puts every sound in three-dimensional space so you can point to its location in the game, ”Dolby said.

While current Xbox One models already support Dolby Atmos / Vision, it only works with Netflix and other streaming media, not games. With the Xbox Series X and S, both Dolby Vision and Atmos work with streaming media And Support games.

Xbox One X Technically supported Dolby Vision for Gaming, but this feature has never left Microsoft’s Insider Test phase. You can now play many games on the computer using something like Dolby Vision HDR Battlefield 1, But not full console support until now.

Dolby Vision Usually provides Better HDR experience than regular HDR 10, which uses “dynamic metadata” that is pre-encrypted in the footage. This allows the creators to get more brightness and color accuracy that the HDR provides than the regular SDR. The downside of Dolby Vision is that creators and hardware manufacturers have to pay a license fee.

Sony has not yet announced any PlayStation 5 gaming support for Dolby Atmos or Dolby Vision. However, since Dolby Vision has only been tested and appeared on a few PC games so far, it is unclear how much this will enhance the gaming experience. However, in theory, it should offer more benefits than 4K by making games significantly brighter and more colorful.

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