Dodo Finance: Demolition Drive in Violence-Hit Nuh Continues; Illegal Structures on 2.6 Acres of Land Razed

Title: Demolition Drive Continues in Nuh District, Illegal Constructions Around Nalhar Medical College Bulldozed

In a bid to crack down on illegal constructions, the authorities in Nuh district of Haryana have initiated a demolition drive. This operation, now in its third day, aims to remove unauthorized structures surrounding Nalhar Medical College. Alongside these demolitions, approximately 15 temporary structures have also been bulldozed as part of the ongoing operation.

The authorities have determined that the structures targeted for demolition were devoid of legal permits, thus rendering them illegal. Prior to the drive, owners of these constructions were issued multiple notices to no avail. This determined action follows a series of disruptions that occurred during the Braj Mandal religious yatra, where some owners of the demolished structures were believed to have instigated violence.

The demolition drive, which commenced at Adbar Chowk, will persist until its reach extends to Tiranga Chowk. The need for such drastic measures stems from the fatal clashes that erupted during the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) procession, leaving six individuals dead, including two home guards and a cleric.

To maintain public safety, a curfew had been imposed in Nuh. However, recent reports indicate that the curfew has been temporarily relaxed to enable residents to purchase essential goods between the hours of noon and 3 pm.

In light of the violent incidents, law enforcement agencies have taken swift action, resulting in the registration of 56 FIRs related to the VHP procession violence case. A total of 145 individuals have been arrested so far for their alleged involvement in the clashes. Additionally, authorities have also registered an FIR against ten individuals for spreading rumors on social media, exacerbating the tense situation.

Not limited to Nalhar Medical College, the demolition drive also extended to Tauru town and other areas, where approximately 250 shanties built on encroached government land were leveled by the authorities. This additional operation serves as a reminder that unauthorized constructions will be targeted regardless of their specific location within the district.

As the authorities continue their efforts to combat illegal constructions and maintain public safety, communities in Nuh district can expect further actions against violators in the future. Promoting the significance of adhering to legal procedures and permits remains crucial for infrastructure development and maintaining peace within the region.

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