Dodgers wipe out Patrice at NLDS behind star pitch and offense

San Diego Patres, Upstart Club Talent and Fraud should be the biggest challenge on the path to the World Series Dodgers. They were ready to prove that they were championship rivals. But without the two best starting pitches for the teams’ National League Division series they were short-handed and the Dodgers showed no mercy.

Dodgers Their growing N.L. Steam West rivals Globe Life on Thursday wiped out three games at Game 3 12-3 at Field and retains the post-season record of failure. They advanced to face Atlanta Braves in the NL Championship Series. Game 1 Monday, at Globe Life Park, but with fans for the first time in 2020. Los Angeles, the first seed of the National League, will be the home team to win nine games.

“When we win the day, it’s a good feeling, but we still know what’s in front of us,” said Justin Turner, Dodgers’ third paceman. “We know a lot more work needs to be done.”

One of the questions for the Dodgers who entered the series was this: After leading the Majors with 118 home runs in the regular season, can they fight to score in this home-run frustrated ballpark? This place is huge. They were interviewed when the Dodgers visited in late August.

The answer was no. They dropped a homer in three games, but scored 23 runs anyway. They walked away. They moved the runners the other way by singles. They double for breaks. They also executed sacrificial flies, forced bugs and even an important double-theft in Game 2. They made runs using constant pressure. They adjusted the method of attack destruction.

“That’s the name of the game right now,” said Dodgers shortcut Cory Caesar, “putting pressure on people.”

On Thursday, the Dodgers amassed 14 wins and nine runs against 11 Patters pitchers – a record for nine innings of post-season play. They scored in five innings. They opened the third inning when they reached five two-out runs with four singles, one walk, one deliberate walk, one theft and one error.

Will Smith took 5 for 6 with two doubles and three Reserve Banks, recording the Dodgers’ right to win a post-season game after 11-0 in the first four post-season games. This is the first five wins of a catcher in MLP playoff history. Joke Peterson collected his first two wins and the Reserve Bank of the Playoffs. A.J. Pollack had two wins. Mookie Bets scored his fifth double in five post-season games. Cody Bellinger tripled two runs in the ninth inning.

Pitcher Julio Urias continues as he drops San Diego Patres’ second pacer Jack Cronenworth to finish fourth in NLTS Game 3 at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas on Thursday.

(Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times)

The Dodgers have played their first game as a road team since playing in Colorado on September 20. The switch has not changed as much as “hosts” since the previous two nights.

They wore their road ashes, practiced batting first, and hit the top of the inning. Former Patterson pitcher Randy Jones, who won the NL Sai Young Award in 1976, threw the first pitch. At Petco Park. Peters was a former contestant on “America’s Got Talent” and recorded before releasing the national anthem. The “Slam Diego” hype video was directed.

The game then continued with only a few team staff and family members with the same teams on the same field.

The Dodgers Pitch project got off to a dangerous start. Dustin May, who was announced as the starter in the morning, held Fernando Doddis Jr., but was taken out despite Doddis attempting to steal the second floor. May then triggered a flight from Manny Machado to finish the inning.

May 16 threw pitches. He didn’t throw another. The Dodgers script called for May to face the line-up – Dadis Jr. and Machado dropped 5 for 27 against him – in the second inning before inserting left-handed Adam Kolarek to face left-hander Eric Hosmer. Hosmer singles. Then Tommy Pam singles. The plan crashed.

Mitch Morland banged next. Dodgers opened the first site and chose to mount sites for Will Myers. Kolarek took a 3-1 lead against Jack Cronenworth. But it was called a ball and Kolarek walked on a runner.

Highlights of the Dodgers’ 12-3 victory over Patres in NLDS Game 3 on Thursday.

Jason Castro scored before a fielder choice to give Trent Grisham another run and give San Diego a 2-1 lead. Dodgers manager Dave Roberts joins Julio Urias to replace Kolarek.

Urias, the “total” jug of Dodgers for the night, confirmed the pre-determined pitch map. The left-handed player retired the first 10 batters he faced.

The only damage San Diego inflicted in the sixth inning was after Machado singles and Hosmer left two basic errors on the left field. Machado then hit a ball. He replaced Blake Train with six strikeouts and a walk in five innings.

“This is a short, short journey of Julio,” Turner said. “It’s not surprising to us. He’s a bulldog there.”

Patres’ pitch, a project designed to reduce the initial rotation, could not recover from the initial decline. After Mike Clevinger and Dinelson Lamet start the first two games, Patress Zack Davis will start Game 3. But an injury to Clevinger’s elbow threw two pitches in Game 1’s second innings, and Lamet was not on the list due to a pimps injury.

While the Dodgers had Urias as a starter all season, Patres opted to open Game 3 with two innings of 21-year-old rookie Adrian Moragen and relied on reliefs for the final 21. Outs.

San Diego successfully incorporated the pitch into the wild card series, but trying to cover up the high-scoring offense of baseball was futile. The Dodgers were very good. Now they are one step closer to the world series.

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