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The Orange Lionesses drew unfavorably in the Nations League. The team managed by Andries Jonker were linked with the European champions in Group A. It is Sarina Wiegman’s England.

The Netherlands were in Pot 2 in the draw and therefore had at least one tough opponent to rely on. So it was the hardest on paper. Wiegman served as Orange’s national coach from 2017 to 2021. During that time, she won the European title in her own country. In 2022, Wiegman put the Netherlands aside against England by winning 5-1 in a friendly match. Belgium and Scotland complete Group A.

This is the first edition of the Nations League in women’s football. Partly due to the success of the men’s variant, this was put in place for national teams to play more equal international matches. The tournament has three divisions. “League A”, to which the Netherlands belong, is the highest rung of the pyramid. In this document, 16 countries are divided into four groups. The winner qualifies for the semi-finals, the number 2 remains, the number 3 plays a play-off against a number 2 of League B for his survival and the last player is relegated.

Olympic Qualification Tournament

The Nations League is also being used as a qualifying tournament for next year’s Summer Olympics in Paris. The two finalists of the “Final Four” qualify for Paris 2024. The four group winners of Ligue A will participate in the Final Four. As with the men, the semi-finals and the final take place in a single country. Matches are played on neutral ground. So there is no question of a back and forth game.

If France reaches the final, the winner of the match for third place will go to the Olympics. The French, under the direction of Hervé Renard, have already been placed as hosts. The first edition of the tournament starts in September, the final round is scheduled for February 2024.

World Cup Schedule
At the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand this year, the Orange Lionesses will meet defending champions USA in the group stage, which the Netherlands will play in New Zealand. See the full Women’s World Cup schedule herewhich will take place from July 20 to August 20.

Columns Vivianne Miedema
Every month Vivianne Miedema writes a column for this site on what affects her in (inter)national women’s football. Read all of his columns here. Oranje Leeuwinnen’s top scorer will be there next summer at the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand because of it a serious knee injury by the way no.

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