Diego Alcantara and Diego Jota transfers help create a significant Liverpool transition – Paul Korst

Whoever says a week long in politics has probably never worked in football.

Seven days ago, Liverpool won from plain Anfield against the newly promoted team at Leeds United.

Questions, they are furious.

Defensive issues persisted, players needed signing, and Liverpool’s title would only be short-lived if this performance became routine.

Incoming transfers It seemed to be farther away than ever, and it would take another humanitarian effort without injury for key men to move closer to the heights they had recently measured in July.

So, a particularly negative thought went to school. Then, it all changed.

Arrived Monday Liverpool and Bayern Munich finally – late, in the eyes of many – picked up the phone to talk about something specific Diego Alcondara.

After months of intense speculation, which provoked frantic fans, the English champions finally talked to their German counterparts and a deal was struck.

Byrne made it clear that they wanted a speedy resolution to the action and that they intended to hold Friday night before the terms signed, sealed and issued prior to defending the Bundesliga title.

M 20 million fee The add-ons were agreed with an additional 5 million As the Reds closed in on the signing of the new decade.

By Friday morning, Diego was on Mercedes, Undergoing a routine medical, to do internal media duties that afternoon.

At 4pm, Liverpool had the seal Their highest signature Of the Premier League era.

The initial £ 20 million is similar to the Reds paid to Stewart Downing in 2011, but Diego’s global reputation really marks the 29th year of the transfer at Anfield.

A two-time Champions League winner, Diego’s previous clubs were Barcelona and Bayern Munich are ironclad proof of his midfield alchemy.

His will undoubtedly add a new dimension to Liverpool’s midfield next season. It is a theory signed by the Jர்கrgen Globe course.

“It’s very simple, he – no one would see this any other way – is a completely exceptional player,” Globe’s rating Friday.

There was a layer of acceptable news for Liverpool supporters to enjoy with the knowledge that the beginning of Diego’s Anfield career did not mark the end of Guinea Vijnaldum.

Many expected both players to see Diego’s signature sent to Barcelona in the final years of their contracts, where his former national coach Ronald Koeman is still eagerly ambushing.

Diego Alcondara signs for Liverpool

However, that is not the case and supporters are free to enjoy the talents of both players at Anfield.

Supporters tasted Diego’s relocation when the news came Diego Jota’s five-year contract has been confirmed.

An m 41 million visit from wolves puts 23-year-olds in the top four most expensive places in Liverpool history, behind Virgil van Dijk, Alison Becker and Nabi Geeta, who all joined in that record-breaking year of 2018.

The move for Jotta is a timely one, as there have been constant complaints about the lack of reliable and quality backups in front of Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino.

Some have accused Liverpool of leading the way in seeing a sharp drop in quality when one-third are absent.

Adding the star of the versatile wolves will go a long way towards the concerns that remain silent between now and the end of the campaign.

Diego is a redhead!

A £ 20m + deal has brought the midfielder to Anfield and he is ready to start the Jurgen Globe.

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Liverpool are now heading to Chelsea, they have a spring on their feet and their squad has been significantly boosted. Their efforts to bring the home league title to No. 20 have greatly improved.

The three points on Stamford Bridge will further boost the confidence of those who believe that the signatures of Diego and Jotta are undoubted favorites for the champions to retain their crown.

Promises there will be many twists, turns and bumps on the road between now and May 23, but LiverpoolChances of greater glory are better than last Saturday.

The collective mindset has changed and the feelgood factor that went out of sight is now back.

Again in a great way.

What a difference a week makes.

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