Did Nintendo point to a new Nintendo switch?

Does Nintendo signify a new Nintendo Switch? Since last year, there have been rumors about “Nintendo Switch Pro” and “Nintendo Switch 2”. This year, these rumors have been elevated as reports of some credible sources, but for now, they are just that: rumors and reports. Although Nintendo has not officially confirmed that it will be developing another Nintendo Switch model following the Nintendo Switch Lite, it is clear that it is going.

For one, since the PS5 and Xbox Series X will be released in November, they should have some big and significant third-party games on their PC. Nintendo has never had a Power Game, but the PS5 and Xbox Series X are like the current Switch dinosaur.

Nintendo also wants hardware redesign. It worked for them, and more importantly, it worked for the switch as well. Switch Light was a huge success.

Nintendo, as expected, kept it a secret about brewing, but it did hint at a new Nintendo switch, or more specifically, the more powerful Nintendo Switch.

The note came during a recent Nintendo management briefing session, and via company president Shundaro Furukawa, he revealed that he sees the Nintendo Switch in the middle of its life cycle. Furthermore, Furukawa shared that Nintendo plans to expand this life cycle. Praising this, the Nintendo president also revealed that Nintendo has traditionally sought conventional technology to come at a lower price, however, Furokawa revealed that Nintendo is also exploring sophisticated technology, which indicates that the next switch will be the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro.

While on this topic, Furukawa revealed that Nintendo now has the time and resources to invest in a platform as a means of connecting the portable and traditional console. Of course, the recommendation here is that the switch will get all the support of Nintendo, which does not apply to many of its past machines.

For now, it remains to be seen what Nintendo will do next, but it is clear that this is far from being done with the switch, and that the next hardware switch to come from it will be part of the family.

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