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Did Americans kill more Americans than Donald Trump?

So Donald Trump complied. He Bob told Woodward that he knew how deadly the virus wasUnderestimating it anyway, MAGA encouraged the nation to act like the cheap Chinese knockoff of the COVID-19 flu.

“In these interviews, it is significant that the US president confessed to the assassination,” says Molly Zhang-Fast. Recent chapter of The new is extraordinary.

Prosecutors may discuss whether Trump has any criminal charges. But for Rick Wilson, there is no question about Trump’s moral responsibility.

“No other American than Donald Trump has killed their fellow Americans in this country, except Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis,” he says. “No one has the physical numbers to fight Trump. He knew it. He knew it was there. He did. He let it happen. This is the most incredible and terrifying effect we can imagine. ”

Molly adds, “Mike Pence was at a pro event the next day. I was thinking about the paradox, wasn’t it? This administration killed 100,000 plus people. They talk about nuclei. This is almost beyond ridiculous. ”

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