De Jong, KNVB director: We will win the World Cup

Gijs de Jong is confident that the Netherlands will be able to host the Women’s World Cup together with Germany and Belgium in four years. The KNVB general secretary returned with a good feeling about the organization of the Champions League final between FC Barcelona and VfL Wolfsburg (3-2) at the Philips stadium. “These images are going around the world, I don’t know what could have been better now,” he said.

The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium face competition from Brazil, South Africa and the United States/Mexico duo for the organization of the 2027 World Cup. “We are going to win, of course, that must be the attitude,” De Jong said. “First of all, you need to put in a strong offer for this. That’s why we’re very happy with the firm’s support.”

Countries must submit the bid package to FIFA on December 8. De Jong: “Three of the four candidates will go on to the FIFA Congress. We have to make sure that we win the World Cup there. We have to put pressure and convince other countries. We showed again today how much we we are hospitable.”

At the members’ meeting on May 17, 2024, the 211 member countries of FIFA will decide who can organize the World Cup.

De Jong is in talks with the boards of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Arnhem, Eindhoven, Groningen, Heerenveen and Enschede, seven possible host cities. Utrecht has already indicated that he will not be a candidate. “At the end of the day, we choose five Dutch cities and four are used by FIFA. The objective is to play the opening match in the Netherlands and also for Orange to play the three group matches in their own country” , said De Jong. “It is also important in the near future that we can show that we can generate income, for example with television money. We will also invest a lot of time and energy in this.”

Sports Minister Conny Helder would like to see the World Cup come to the Netherlands. “We think it’s very important. I think the KNVB and the Netherlands have shown very well that they can handle this. It’s a very good day to prepare for the bid,” he said. she declared after the final. “We are working with the KNVB. My role will be to strengthen the offer, to see what is needed. I will also see what I can do to include other European countries.”

Source: ANP

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