Danisha Bah is National Reading Champion

Reading out loud doesn’t give Danica goosebumps. She loves the theater and likes to act. She takes lessons at the Youth Theater School Zeeland. “The difference between playing and reading is that you don’t have to overdo it while reading. Sometimes I have to hold myself back,” she laughs. “I can’t read a book without imagining myself to live the story.” She likes exciting books, because there is a lot of emotion in them. The first book she chose for the preliminary tests, in her school in Cypressenhof, was the book Goosebumps We Are Not Alone by RK Stine. The class was enthusiastic and Master Bert saw an opportunity for Danischa. She was allowed to participate in the regional round and then the provincial round. For this she had to choose a new book and it became Serafina and the Black Coat of Robert Beatty.” This book is so exciting, definitely my favorite. It is also a very pleasant book to read, because all the emotions are present in it. With Aunt Amanda and the guidance of former Reading Champion Guus Janse, Danischa prepared for the national final. She and her mother got up early on the last day. Make special curls in her hair, put on lucky socks and take the train to TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht. His class came to cheer him on with a shout and banners.

The twelve provincial champions not only had to read a book that they chose themselves, but they also took turns reading Word in the Metal Fishermen by Sanne Roosebooom, who was part of the jury. “I found it super exciting. It was my last chance to show what I can do. Luckily, I look a bit like Mot, the main character, and I could relate well. pink and just like Mot, I want to have exciting adventures. The jury was convinced and thought that Danischa had raised the tension well and read aloud calmly and measuredly. “When I heard my name on the ad , all I could do was scream.”

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The next morning, Mr. Bert drove his open-top car to Danisha’s house to pick her up. At the Cypressenhof there was an enthusiastic welcoming committee with banners, balloons and a photo cake, very proud of their reading champion. Everyone wants to hear him read. “Of course I want to read, but I always tell them to read Serafina and the Black Cloak themselves. Because it’s such a beautiful book. With the book vouchers she received as a gift, she wants to buy the other Robert Beatty books. “I can’t get enough of this.”

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