‘Dancing with the Stars’ Season 29 Series Nellie, A.J. Ready to do ‘Hair Hot’ with McLean and many more

Upcoming queue Dancing with the stars The season was announced on Wednesday (September 2) and includes the rapper Nelly, The Terukkodi boys‘A.J. McLean and Tiger King Star Carol Baskin.

The always-selected mix of celebrities emerges Good Morning America For the 29th season of the show – which will be back on screen on September 14th – this includes Desperate housewives Actor Jesse Metcalfe, NFL Super Bowl Champion and former 49ers tight end Vernon Davis, The BacheloretteCaitlin Bristow and Excitement Coach Monica Altama.

The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however; Chicago B.D. Star Anne H, Disney Channel (Jesse, Punk) Lil Nass X’s “Panini” Video Sky Jackson, Justina Machado’s Former Actor and Co – Actor One day at a time Restart and Real Team member Jenny Mai.

Former NBA power forward Charles Oakley is also in the mix Catfish Co-created by Nev Schulman, Sunset saleOur initial choice to take on Krishel Stoss and all that, was the absolutely amazing two-time Olympic skater and LGBTQ enthusiast Johnny Weir.

Fellow ex-skaters Adam Ribbon, Meryl Davis, Apollo Anton Ono and Christy Yamaguchi have won the show, so Veer has company. Musicians have also held a few trophies, including Drew Lachie, Tony Osmond, Nicole Scherzinger and Kelly Pickler.

Charna Burgess, Betta Murcotroid, Val Zimmerkovsky, Cheryl Burke, Kyo Motzep, Jenna Johnson, Alan Burston, Brandon Armstrong, Sasha Barber, Pasha Bashkov, Emma Slater and Kleb Chavengo will return as pro dancers. . Tyra Banks is managing producer and presenter, following the departure of longtime co-editors Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews.

At the time of the press conference, although the show did not have a studio audience for the first time, it still did not reveal how to deal with social distance among the rampant COVID-19 epidemics.

Watch the announcement video below.

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