Dancing with the 10 biggest fights of the stars

Caitlin Bristow vs. Carrie on Inaba

Things are getting thorny in the ballroom After what the longtime judge said He was “bullied” by fans of the former bachelorette.

“I’m still bullying, this time people are starting to bully me because of the way I judge people,” Gary Ann said. Speech Following the November 2 episode of the ABC reality show. “I can not believe it’s still happening as adults.”

After Caitlin’s performance with professional partner Artem Siegwindsaw, Gary Ann called the couple for doing a lift during their lifetime, which was against the rules.

“I’m a little torn now … can you do the back-plate yourself,” she said Asked Caitlin. “I’m going to call it a lift.” She ended up subtracting points from her performance.

Then His dance, Caitlin agreed Entertainment tonight He was shocked by Gary Ann’s comments, “Did it come from where we believe, we want to do better?” “Does it come from one place,‘ I was hard என்னா [Brown] Are you another bachelor girl ‘? Where does it come from, and how should we take it and bring it to our next rehearsal? What do we want to channel and use from that? ‘”

Artem said Gary Ann’s criticisms were “personal” and felt they were “never going to happen”. [Carrie Ann] Happy. “

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