Dallas County Concerns About COVID-19 Numbers – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Dallas County officials on Tuesday warned of COVID-19 numbers, expecting more people to cooperate with immunization precautions.

Reports from the Texas City Hospital and Lack of Body Space made Dallas County Commissioners concerned Tuesday.

“Two weeks from now, we’re going to hear where we’re going and what’s going on across the state,” Commissioner Theresa Daniel asked.

Dr. Philip Huang, Dallas County Health Director, showed the commissioners a chart of daily emergency room visits over the past few months. Huang thought it would avoid growing near the summer peak.

The Director of Health blames the increasing number of COVID-19 fatigue.

“I think everyone is very concerned about trends. I know we ‘ve heard of the proliferation of day care centers and some long-term care facilities, some of which actually reflect COVID fatigue. People are not so effective at controlling the epidemic,” Dr Huang said.

Positive test result numbers fluctuate and many test results have not yet been reported to the health department. This makes it impossible to find links to those events and makes the exact number of cases inaccurate.

“It simply came to our notice then. These hospitals, these beds, are a measure, as far as I am concerned, ”said Commissioner John Wiley Price.

The Dallas Area Hospitals and District Medical Examiner currently have adequate bed and morgue space, the director of health said. He said they would be exhausted if residents did not increase the use of disease precautionary measures, including masks, social exclusion, limited size meetings and frequent hand washing.

“The community has done a tremendous job so far. We have shown that we can slow this down. When we all do this, we all see a decline when we follow these things, ”said Dr. Huang.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins cautioned against the size of the holiday meetings.

“When we usually sit around a communal table together to say thank you, you celebrate those in small groups,” he said.

This is no other holiday.

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