Daisy Adams talks about going to the show for the first time since the rebroadcast

Every season Chris Harrison Audiences are proud to be in “the most dramatic season ever”. This time, he might be right. After pushing production The Bachelorette Due to a corona virus (COVID-19) infection, shooting resumed only two weeks later for Claire Crawley to leave. Now, reports say so Thaisia ​​Adams Instead of Crawley, he has become the second Black Bachelor in the show’s history.

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Claire Crawley was replaced by Daisy Adams

Pushing back the shoot gave Crawley and his rivals a chance to get to know each other before meeting Bachelor’s degree House.

“From Instagram stories you can tell the lifestyles of the people you like, and I’m looking at some, ‘it’s not really my vibe’, others I’m at the point where I see them, ‘Oh, it’s hot. I can’t wait to meet that person. He’s in season. I hope there is, ” he said Bachelor off time Web light.

While at intervals, Crawley began to speak Footballer Dale Moss. The two approached very quickly.

“One of her potential comrades found a way to communicate with her and they started talking,” a source said. People. “By the time filming officially started, they were basically already in love. No one else had the opportunity. It was clear from her next few dates that her heart was not in it and she did not feel it. She said she had to leave. “

Fortunately, before Crawley was selected, Adams was shortlisted to become a bachelor, so he was already interviewed for the position and ready to step down.

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Daisy Adams speaks for the first time since starring

All of this play The Bachelorette Happening, broadcasting the franchise Bachelor: Best Seasons – Always! It gets back to the old seasons of the show. Adams recaptured Nick Violin’s season on Monday night’s episode.

While on the show, Rachel Lindsay talked about how seeing fit fits her.

“I’m from Orange County, California, so this is my world,” he told Harrison. Bachelor’s degree Alam Natasha Parker. “I mean, I’m so used to being in the minority. So having a strong character like seeing someone on TV and being able to identify with myself means a lot.”

Parker responded by saying that he saw Lindsay in the role of bachelor and that he was happy to go to the show.

“I think that’s what motivated me to go, because she’s so real, so real, and at the end of the day, she got her person,” Adams continued. “She … is now married and her fairy tale is over for her. That’s what I wanted. So, she gave us hope.”

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Adams’ appearance in last night’s episode may have been filmed earlier this summer, before he was reviewed as a bachelorette, but even so, predicting in his comments is not a coincidence.

Crawley’s season The Bachelorette Although Adams has not officially appeared in any commercials for this season, it is set to be screened on Oct. 13th.

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