Crossfit athlete Jelle Hoste is the first Belgian to qualify for the World Cup in the United States: “Extremely proud” | other news

Our top Belgian crossfit athlete Jelle Hoste can prepare for the world championship in the USA. In European qualifying he got a good fourth place and it was more than enough to be the first Belgian to participate in the World Cup. During his competition, he also set a world record.

The CrossFit Games in the United States are the sports world championship that combines fitness with athletics, endurance and gymnastics. On every continent, qualifying determines who can fill the coveted places at the World Cup.

Jelle Hoste, our number 1 in crossfit, clinched her ticket to Wisconsin in the United States this weekend in the semi-finals in Berlin. As the fourth European, he can measure up to the top, mostly made up of Americans.

First for Belgium

“The first eleven Europeans pass,” says Hoste. “With my fourth place, I still had something left. For now, I haven’t yet realized that I can go to the World Cup, as the only Belgian. I’m also the first Belgian to succeed modern crossfit and that makes me very proud.”

The qualifications consisted of seven tests or practice sessions. “You can actually compare it to a heptathlon. Every workout you have to do strength and endurance exercises against the clock.” Hoste dominated three of the practice sessions.

Winning the World Cup will be difficult, but I will choose my tests to show myself

He even passed the fifth test in record time. No crossfit athlete in the world has done better in qualifying.

“We had to lift a weight from the ground above the head eight times in one motion, like the snatches in weightlifting. Then we had to run another 800 meters on a treadmill and for this combined workout, it didn’t hurt me. only took three minutes.” Hoste laughs.

Europe is coming

The World Cup will take place in early August. “I can show some ambition there. It will be tough for sure because the World Championship is more about five-day training. Winning will be tough, but picking a test here and there to shine should work.”

“Americans are the best crossfitters, but Europeans have started to catch up. Last year a European was also in the top five and this year I have already noticed that the level is higher again.”

Judoka Jorre Verstraeten supported Jelle Hoste on Instagram.

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