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Press release from the Humboldt County Joint Information Center:

A new case of COVID-19 was reported today, bringing the total number of counts tested positive for the virus to 490.

On Tuesday, the healthcare system’s alert level, one of three categories indicating the county’s ability to respond and manage the increase in COVID – 19 cases, moved from green to yellow due to a recent increase in COVID – 19 related. In the hospital. All three types of overall alarm level rating tool now stand at level 2 or yellow.

Of those admitted to 30 hospitals since the outbreak began, seven were in September alone. Last week, local hospitals reached an inpatient survey of five COVID-19 patients, and currently four patients have been admitted to the hospital in Humboldt County. Three persons in need of inpatient care are under 60 years of age.

Humboldt County Health Officer Dr. Theresa Frankovich continues to urge residents to use all preventive measures to control the spread of the virus.

“The health care system describes the trends in COVID-19 patients admitted to the capacity hospital, infections in health care workers, and the availability of vital medical resources,” Dr. Frankovich said. “While our local health care system is currently good at responding, it is important to remember that even when our overall case rates are lower than in many parts of the state, we still see more hospital admissions. Moving from green to yellow in our alarm system Health Indicates the importance of the organization. ”

Visit View the district’s full alarm level assessment tool.

For the most recent COVID-19 information, see Or Local information is available Or by contacting [email protected] during business hours or by calling 707-441-5000.

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= Historical data. All data from the Humboldt County Joint Information Center.

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