Corona virus in Europe: Paris enters UK, Germany and Czech Republic on curfew

The curfew, which will take effect Friday night from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

“The aim is to reduce private contact, which is a very dangerous relationship,” Macron said Wednesday.

Violation of the night curfew will result in a fine of 135 euros (approximately $ 160) for the first offense and 1500 euros (7,760) for repeat offenses.

France on Wednesday recorded 22,591 new cases and 95 deaths, bringing the total to 779,063 cases and 33,037 deaths.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has also imposed strict restrictions on the country’s corona virus hotspots.

Community meetings will be limited to just 10 people, and bars and restaurants in regions with high rates of infection will have to close by 11pm.

Tourists walk through the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany on October 12 as meetings are limited to 10 people and a curfew is imposed at 11pm in many regions.

Speaking at a news conference on Wednesday after a meeting with the heads of 16 German states, Merkel said restrictions would be imposed if at least 35 new epidemics were reported per 100,000 people in an area of ​​seven days. If that number exceeds 50 new infections per 100,000, further measures may be introduced.

Merkel added that she was “concerned” about the “rapid growth” of corona virus cases in Germany, and that restrictions would be assessed over the next 10 days to determine if they had reduced the rate of the virus. Merkel also addressed the youth of Germany, urging them to “do without a few parties”.

The number of cases in Germany rose to 6,638 in 24 hours, according to data released by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) on Thursday, bringing the total to 341,223. The second-highest daily increase was 6,294 on March 28.

Tourists walk across the medieval Charles Bridge in Prague as the Czech Republic faces a record increase after previously keeping the numbers low.

Germany also recorded 33 new deaths in the last 24 hours, bringing the total to 9,710, the RKI said.

The Czech Republic on Wednesday registered 9,544 new cases, 926 more than the previous record set last Friday, the Czech Ministry of Health announced.

The total number of cases has reached 139,290, according to Johns Hopkins University statistics.

“The forecast is not good, the numbers are devastating,” Prime Minister Andrzej Babis said on Thursday.

The three-tiered system was introduced on 23 September on the London Underground Tube Train with masked passengers.

The Czech government reported 35 deaths on Wednesday, bringing the death toll to 1,172, while 2,678 people were hospitalized with the corona virus.

New restrictions were introduced on Wednesday, schools were closed and bars and restaurants were allowed to serve through windows until 8 p.m.

Following Wednesday’s showing 19,724 new cases and 137 deaths, the UK imposes various measures, bringing the total to 654,644 and 43,155, respectively.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday imposed a three-tier coward warning system across the UK, stressing localized restrictions. He rejected opposition criticism and calls for a “circuit breaker” national lockout.

A preliminary study written yesterday by UK scientific advisers said thousands of corona virus deaths in the UK could be avoided by the end of the year if a two-week full lockdown is to be imposed.

Northern Ireland is closing schools, hostels and restaurants, following a nationwide record of 23,115 cases, following the reporting of 1,217 new Govt-19 cases on Wednesday.

Welsh Chief Minister Mark Drakeford announced on Wednesday that Wales would ban travelers entering the country from the Corona virus hotspots in the UK, Scotland and Northern Ireland from Friday.

Russia has reported 286 deaths related to the corona virus in the last 24 hours, according to data from the country’s Corona virus response center released on Thursday.

A further 13,754 new cases were reported, bringing the official number of identified infections to 1,354,163.

Russia faces the highest number of daily increases, with health officials reporting about 2,000 more cases a day than the spring peak, with the country officially reporting 10,000-11,000 daily cases.

CNN’s Martin Goilando, Thomas Etsler, Amy Cassidy, Peter Dagart, Sarah Dean, Joe Shelley and Mary Ilyushina contributed to the report.

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