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Corey Caesar was not ready to go home. In the 5th game of the National League Championship Series against the Braves at the Globe Life Field on Friday, the Dodgers shortstop hit a pair of home runs, giving the second Los Angeles a five-run lead in the seventh inning.

Corey Caesar Not ready to go home.

In the 5th game of the National League Championship series against the Braves at the Globe Life Field on Friday, the Dodgers shortstop hit a pair of home runs, giving the second Los Angeles a five-run lead in the seventh inning 7-3 wins.

NLCS hosted by Camping World, games 6: 4:30 pm and ET / 1:30 pm

The 26-year-old is an NLCS graduate. Caesar’s 10 Reserve Banks, at this point, more than one Dodgers player in a Post Season series. His four Homers in the series were Steve Carvey (1978 NLCS) and Duke Snyder (’52 and ’55 World Series) tied by a Dodge in a playoff series.

“It simply came to our notice then [to watch him play], ”Said Dodgers’ offfielder Mookie Bets. “I didn’t know much before I came. I know he’s a good shortcut, and he’s playing it a little bit. Seeing him day and night is definitely a blessing. I really have a job, and until it hits me, the foundation has to stay there – it doesn’t take long. ”

Caesar’s first home run fell to Lepty Tyler Matsek in fourth place at 415 feet, the Dodgers hit the first night and reduced the Braves’ advantage to 2-1. Los Angeles accelerated the attack from there, setting the stage for Seeker’s second home after three innings – a startcast-planned 413-foot blast against Jacob Webb.

“That guy is something else,” Braves manager Brian Snitker said. “He’s a tough guy, he’s struggling. He’s never given a hood. He’s a very dangerous and impressive hitter.”

However, this kind of success on this stage is not something Caesar has experienced before. Until this year, his playoff appearances were largely marked by struggles on the plate, which is exemplified by his batting averages in his first four subsequent seasons: .188 (2015), .205 (’16), .237 (’17), .150 (’19) . His OPS topped the ’74 at ’17 in ’17, compared to 1.251 this year.

Entered 2020 with three post-season homers in 31 games. He has added five more matches in just 10 games this year.

“I think it’s a lot – he’s healthy, he’s healthy, he had a great year,” said Dodgers manager Dave Roberts. “The experience he gained last season, those things are all in order. For me, now, there is no better player than this.”

Regarding his victory over Caesar, he summed up his playoff tears: “Putting good swings on good pitches right now, clicking on everything.”

Let’s take a look at how well he clicks:

Ag became the first Dodgers crossroads Caesar to record a multi-home run post-season game. He joined Carlos Correa (Game 1 of the American League Division Series) and Fernando Todd Jr. (Game 2 of the NL Wildcard Series) as shortcuts to reach the Multi-Homer Games during the 2020 playoffs. This year, for the first time in Major League post-season history, three multi-home run shows were held by shortcuts; Going into these playoffs, there were only seven games like this.

With five Homers and 14 Reserve Banks in the post-2020 season, Caesar tied the Dodgers scores set by Davy Lopez (five Homers) in 1978 and Justin Turner (14 Reserve Bank) in 2017.

In his position, he follows only Caesar Korea (17 home runs, 48 ​​RBIs) and Derek Jetter (20 home runs, 61 RBIs) in 41 professional post-season games with his eight Homers and 24 RBIs.

Caesar was the first player to record four home runs and 10 Reserve Banks in an NLCS. He is the most recent player to hit four homers in this round since Daniel Murphy did it in 2015. Caesar enters Game 6, which is tied to Ivan Rodriguez (’03) for most of the Reserve Banks in an NLCS.

Specific This particular neutral platform brings an advantage to Caesar and Dodger: Caesar’s five home runs (regular season and postseason) at this year’s Globe Life Field are second only to any player this season with Rangers center fielder Joey Gallo. Rangers second baseman Rooknut Odor was the only player to win more (six) in 2020

For all the stats and notable lists, Caesar’s focus is locked on playing and preventing deletion in Game 6, no matter where it drops him in the statistic categories.

“The whole goal is success. We have not done that yet, ”he said. “So no matter what you do, if you don’t win at the end of the year, it doesn’t matter. We are trying to win a game tomorrow, and let things happen. ”

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