Contradictory manager says investors have less to lose and more to gain from these three unfavorable stocks

Another record day for stocks was Thursday, with the Nasdaq Composite COMP.
+ 0.97%
Is ready to lead south.

There is no doubt that some may Feeling angry About the post-infection seen in stocks. Every hour since the March COVID-19 lockdown, central banks have bought $ 1.4 billion in assets and the Nasdaq-100 has a market cap of $ 1.6 billion, according to a Bank Merrill Lynch “Do Not Panic” list. (More below.)

If the above does not help, our idea is packed Call of the day Strength. It comes from Levin Easterly Capital’s chief investment officer and leading portfolio manager Jack Murphy, who is looking for cheap and undesirable value stocks that have largely lagged behind since the 2008-09 financial crisis.

“We want good companies at low prices with attractive rating characteristics or we can identify some changes going forward. We want companies that are splitting or splitting,” Murphy told MarketWatch.

He sees a lot of “good companies” 30% to 50% upside down. “The economy does not need to improve, you do not need to keep interest rates low, you do not need much stimulus in the economy for these stock ideas to work,” Murphy said.

His first choice was General Motors GM.
+ 3.92%
– 15% off from year to date. The automobile maker makes big cash flow with cars and crossover sports-utility vehicles and trucks, yet loses money on its electric-vehicle (EV) and driverless car units.

“We think they are now going through a strategic review of whether they want to make an initial public offering for a part of an automated electric vehicle business,” he said, adding that depending on how the project goes, GM may be at least 50% underestimated.

“General Motors, which generates billions of free cash flows, has a market value of $ 42 billion and Tesla DSLA,
It does not even have a billion free cash flow with a $ 455 billion market cap – we think there’s a big cut, ”Murphy said.

He prefers European cable and broadband operator Vodafone VOD,
+ 0.75%
—Down 24% of the first date of the year. It has a 7.3% dividend yield on its features, but more importantly, he expects Vodafone to shut down or make IPO, the lucrative business of its cell phone tower business. That alone would be 35% to 50% reversal for the shares, he says.

Next Stock Joint DuPont DT,
+ 5.06%
– 6% off – This connects its nutrition business to the International Flavors and Perfumes IFF,
+ 0.97%,
A spinoff is expected in early 2021. The shares have fallen 6% since the beginning of the year.

“This is an incredible partner-friendly transaction because IFF trades at a large premium value for the value of DuPont,” Murphy said. He thinks Dopont will further split with IFF a major business in the future. Other Additions – DuPont is likely to resolve some legal issues, and a better China vision will encourage stocks. “DuPont is trading at $ 55, but it’s very close to $ 85,” he said.

With regard to those high growth stocks, he says, “investors are dismissing the very strong environment for too long a high rating, which we consider risky.” The tremors may have come as Tesla dropped 7% on bookings.


Nasdaq-100 Future NQ00,
S&P 500 leads south with ES00,
Bathing, but Dow future DJIA,
+ 1.58%
Flat. European stocks SXXP,
+ 0.53%
There are Mobilizes again, Euro to EURUSD,
Dollar slides back between DXY,
+ 0.10%


How polarized is this stock market? Bank of America Chief Investment Strategy Michael Hartnett publishes this list of the best market figures:

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Ahead of Friday’s payroll data, we will receive initial and continuous weekly unemployment claims with trade deficit numbers and supply management services index.

Told to the American states Be prepared To distribute a Govt-19 vaccine by November 1st, which includes some health professionals. Meanwhile, new research suggests that the corona virus can persist and elevate in the body for up to 30 days Questions about the length of the infection. Sanofi SNY,
+ 1.06%
Phase 1-2 of its vaccine has begun testing after initial data were confirmed.

Walmart’s WMT,
+ 0.06%
On top Christmas toy list Is here, and the retailer has set up a virtual wonder lab to give kids a test run.

Robinhood, a popular trading platform, is a confrontation Securities and Exchange Commission Inquiry Failed to disclose to customers that they had sold their orders to high-speed trading companies.

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