Columnist Kees Bakker does not regret the closure of two side entrances to Lelystad station, unlike GroenLinks

From the ‘Storm in a Teacup’ category: GroenLinks believes the safety of train passengers is at stake now that the station’s two side entrances to and from the Visarendreef have been closed. The party wonders, among other things, where travelers should flee if, for example, there is an unexpected fire in the hall of the station and it is therefore not accessible.

The latter seems like a kular argument to me. In the event of a fire, there is plenty of room to escape on the vast platforms. In fact, I’d rather not run away through a tunnel as cramped as the side entrances. If there’s smoke in there, you really don’t have a chance.

Dirty and unpleasant

I don’t think the accesses are really missed. It is at best inconvenient that you cannot use it now if, for example, you have your bike in the storage room next to the station. At the same time: I used this input and output regularly, but I prefer not to do it in the evening. This tunnel is a bit dull and unpleasant space, and the space where you end up at Visarendreef is not encouraging either. It’s dirty and gray, just like the covered bike sheds at the back of the station. The Eastern Bloc looks like all of them. Can’t wait for it to be refurbished there, luckily that decision has already been made.

Crossing at the roundabout is not convenient

GroenLinks is correct that the crossing for cyclists and pedestrians at the provincial house roundabout is not practical. As a traveler, you will need to take into account that if you are coming from the west of the city and need to cross there, you will need to book some extra time. When your train is about to leave, this crossing is very inconvenient.

I understand GroenLinks’ call to prioritize cyclists and pedestrians. I think Lelystad is about the only municipality in the Netherlands where cyclists and pedestrians do not have priority on these roundabouts. I imagine out-of-town motorists don’t take notice either.


At the same time: are you solving a problem with him, or creating a dangerous situation with him? Now, the pedestrian or cyclist crossing knows that he depends either on a moment of calm or on a benevolent motorist who lets him pass first. The latter happens very regularly, I know from experience. If you are considering changing this situation, lack of clarity and dissatisfaction about it can actually lead to dangerous situations. In addition: in the long run there will be a T-junction. Then you have the opportunity to arrange it correctly. Until then, we’ll sing it for a while.

In short: GroenLinks wants the alderman to consult NS and Prorail again on the closure of the tunnels. I would say: the alderman has better things to do…

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