‘Clippers’ players oppose star treatment for Kavi Leonard’: Pat Beverly and co. Not happy with Kavi’s ‘San Diego Load Management’

Additional information about the discrepancies is now emerging inside the Clippers locker room. Clippers players Beverly and Lou Williams seem to have resisted Kavi’s optional treatment.

Clippers didn’t really click during last NBA season. Despite finishing second in the West, it was clear that something was missing.

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After fighting past a fun Dallas team they were finally exposed against the Knuckles. It was clear that the team had fitness and chemistry issues.

Kavi Leonard’s load management annoyed his Clippers team players

Kavi Leonard has a degenerative knee condition that requires him to manage carefully. During the Raptors championship run for the 2018-19 NBA season, Leonard rested for more than a quarter of their regular season games.

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This put him in a relatively good position, playoff time, he was interested in when they played the Bucks in the final of the conference.

Patrick Beverly, who was part of the Chris Paul trade that sent 8 players to the Clippers, was particularly absorbed in this optional treatment.

Beverly, Lou Williams and Montreal Harrell did not please because Kavi made occasional visits to his family in San Diego this season. They believed it was confusing with their practical rhythms and they could not gel together.

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