China: Netherlands, don’t abuse export control rules

Photo: ANP

China hopes that the Netherlands will comply with international trade rules and not abuse export control measures. With this, Chinese Commerce Minister Xu Jueting has responded to recent restrictions on the export of Dutch chip technology to China.

In late January, it was already leaked that the Netherlands, the US and Japan had reached an agreement to export chip technology to China. Last week, the Cabinet announced the restrictions. It’s now about chip machine maker ASML’s most advanced DUV systems. The state-of-the-art EUV machines from Veldhoven could not be exported to China.

Xu now notes that the Netherlands and China will stay in touch on trade and economic issues. He calls for continued protection of global supply chains with China.

China’s foreign ministry has already said it opposes the restrictions. The Netherlands must look out for its own interests. A ministry spokesman said China would express its displeasure over the decision through diplomatic channels.

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