China lashes out at increasing TikTok restrictions

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China has reacted angrily to increasing restrictions on the use of TikTok in the US. According to a representative of China’s foreign ministry, the superpower is “fearful of the use of youth preferences” in the United States.

Also listen to PNR Digital which talks more about TikTok.

According to the department, “the US government is abusing the idea of ​​national security and state power to suppress companies from abroad”. British newspaper writes GuardianHe also notes that the home country of TikTok’s parent company, Bit Dance, has blocked Western platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for years.

Restrictions are also being gradually increased in Europe. After the European Commission last week, it was announced yesterday afternoon that TikTok will be banned for employees of the European Parliament, about 8000 civil servants. And in the US, a key vote has been postponed today on whether President Biden should be forced to ban TikTok outright, if deemed necessary.

In this technical update:

  • Microsoft Now with a new update Windows 11’s search bar has integrated Bing with ChatGPT based AI chatbot. According to the American technology company, that search bar is used by half a billion people every month. This update includes additional support for connecting to an iPhone and the ability to record video images of your screen.
  • Meta continues to believe in virtual reality New smart glasses work. For example, the Quest 3 (now being developed as the Ventura) should appear in 2024 and be more powerful, but also less expensive than the Quest Pro, which appeared last fall. The latter would have a successor under the name La Jolla.

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