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Chelsea leave Romelu Lukaku at home for one more day. The Red Devil only has to register on Tuesday, while the rest of the core is already in the United States for its preparation. After the failure of the transfer to Inter, the Italian media wrote that Roc Nation broke up with ‘Big Rom’. This is not the case for the moment: Roc is looking for a solution for his future with the lawyer Ledure and the family. Juventus is the priority.

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Inter, Lukaku’s ex-club, decided this week to withdraw from the striker’s transfer case. There are no more negotiations. Camp Lukaku has already been notified. At Inter, he is accused, as well as his lawyer, Sébastien Ledure, in particular of flirting with Juventus. They accuse Lukaku of a lack of loyalty. Because he begged to be allowed to stay at Inter, but left his entourage behind to contact other clubs.

Sources within Inter have whispered to reporters that Sebastien Ledure cannot be reached. That he stopped answering his phone. That he broke up with Roc Nation and suddenly defaulted on his commitment to Inter. However, Chelsea and Inter needed his final blessing to get a deal done.

Roc Nation didn’t quite like the course of events, but the management agency tried to mediate on Saturday to bring Lukaku and Inter back to the table. No result.

After all, a possible choice for Juventus would be unfortunate. Roc Nation bought another full-page ad last season in the Gazzetta dello Sport after Lukaku faced racism in a game against Juventus. They then also demanded an apology from Juve.

In Italy and England they have suggested that the two sides will therefore break up, but this is not yet the case. A definitive break is now denied. Roc Nation says it is currently working with Ledure and the family on a solution.

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Lukaku will report to Chelsea on Tuesday anyway, although it seems highly unrealistic for ‘Big Rom’ to stay there. The Blues are not taking him on their US tour. They want to sell our compatriot as soon as possible. Yet he is allowed to train there: only after the A-team leaves for the United States.

Juventus remain a solid option. Coach Massimo Allegri again urged his club management for Lukaku earlier this week. Technical director Cristiano Giuntoli traveled to London on Wednesday to check on Chelsea. Lukaku himself also wooed the “old lady” and the mugger didn’t slam the door. ‘Big Rom’ knows he can earn €12.5m gross a year at Juve.

Anyway, Juventus asked Lukaku to wait for his decision. The club must first find a solution for Dušan Vlahović. Until the Serb leaves, Juventus won’t have the financial clout to do anything. Saudi Arabia’s Al-Hilal is not completely out of the running either.

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Lukaku has always indicated that he only wants to return to Inter. Not elsewhere. But his past speaks against him. In 2017, the day Everton were due to announce a five-year contract extension, he flatly said he would not sign.

That same year, he actually wanted to go to Chelsea, but as a last resort he chose Manchester United. And two years ago he said he wanted to stay with Inter first. Only to move to Chelsea at the last minute for €113m due to unfinished business. The ways of “Big Rom” are not always easy to understand.

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