Celtics vs. Heat – Game Recap – September 23, 2020

Lake Funa Vista, Fla. – Tyler Hero Still have to be in college. He is not, but still a student.

He carries a red spiral-bound notebook at all times, tapping notes when things come to his head. What worked, what didn’t, where he thinks he could be better, and how he feels after a game.

“It helps me get locked up, it helps me focus,” Hero said.

Everything he read on Wednesday night helped unite the game of his life – and winning the Miami Heat from the NBA Finals. The 20-year-old Hero beat the Boston Celtics 112-109 on Wednesday night in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

“He has a great competitive humility about him,” said heat coach Eric Spolstra. “He has a confidence, he has a fearlessness that is extraordinary. But he is humble enough to serve, be a coach, and get guidance from the experienced players on our team, and he’s constantly getting more confidence in us.”

Jimmy Butler 24 points, Goran Tragic 22 and added Pam Adebayo – Dealing with a shoulder ulcer – had 20 points and 12 reps, helping the Heat to a 3-1 lead in the top seven series. In Game 5 they can close it on Friday night.

Jason Todd He also scored his 28 points in the second half for the Celtics. They wiped out a double-digit deficit to get a point lead in fourth – and then saw the heat run again. Jaylan Brown 21 points, Kemba Walker Added 20, Gordon Howard 14 and Marcus Smart Finished with 10 points and 11 assists.

“I didn’t score in the first half, it was unacceptable,” Todd said. “I know I want to play better. That’s what I tried to do.”

With 16 seconds left, Brown’s 3-pointer reduced Miami’s lead to 107-104. Hero went to the line 2.1 seconds later, turned a pair cool and extended the lead to five. The Celtics got twice within two points, Butler threw a free kick with 1.1 seconds left, and Boston – outside the deadline – never got a frustration.

“At the end of the day, we found a way,” Walker said. “Actually that’s all we can do. We can do it. It’s about pride. It’s about wanting to do it. The next game we have to come out and show it.”

Hero became the second 20-year-old in NBA playoff history to score 14 of 21 shots from the ground, 5 for 10 from the 3-point range, and at least 37 points in a single game. Another: Magic Johnson, who held 42 of Game 6 in the 1980 NBA Finals for the Los Angeles Lakers.

“I feel good about it,” Hero said. “There is still a lot of work to be done. We are 3-1.”

The Heat Rookie Playoff record was 27 by Dwayne Wade in 2004; It now belongs to Hero, who finished fourth with only 17 points.

Daniel Thees With 8:44 left to lift Boston 85-84, the Celtics’ first lead from 25-24 had 11:19 left in the second quarter. It was Boston’s only lead in the second half and it lasted 16 seconds. Adebayo scored to give Miami the lead, and Hero basically carried the load from there.

“Making a hero’s shot tonight … is the difference of the game,” said Celtics coach Brad Stevens. “Jimmy was too late. Adebayo was his usual self. Drake did some great plays. But Hero was ridiculous tonight. That margin must have been like the sea to him.”

The Celtics shot exactly 8-for-20 in the first two quarters, along with 11 turning points, helping the heat to a 50-44 lead.

But Tottenham’s first basket after a 0-to-7 start gave him a 6-for-7 finish in the third quarter, during which time he had 16 of Boston’s 32 points and the Celtics were 77-76 in fourth.

The heat behind their younger player does not fold.

“None of Tyler surprised me,” Adebayo said.


Celtics: The first half of Tottenham 0-to-6 is tied to the second worst opening-half shoot of his life. In the first two quarters of the playoffs on April 11, 2018, he was 8 for 0 against Dallas, starting on November 11, and 0 for 6 against Milwaukee. … Howard and wife Robin are parents for the fourth time; Gordon Theodore Howard was their first son.

Heat: Trachea made a 3-pointer 8:51 with a 58-46 lead in the third quarter – the first double-digit lead of the series in Miami. The biggest heat lead in the first three games was eight points. … Solomon Hill The first quarter minutes were available for the first time in these playoffs.


No one knows when the next season will start, but the Celtics are looking forward to that guard Romeo Longford Not ready when it does. Longford underwent surgery this week to repair a ligament problem in his wrist. “There will be blood next season when it starts,” Stevens said.

3-1 Leeds

This is the 12th time Miami has led 3-1 in seven best series. The heat beat each of the previous 11.

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