Carice van Houten calls on Rabobank CEO to end disastrous climate policy – Joop

The left is not the rightMay 12, 2023 – 05:15

@oproekraier: I don’t think I’m being hypocritical, because while I wouldn’t say I don’t care, I don’t do much for my footprint (I believe much more in adapting to change). I’ve only read XR’s statement and vision and compare it to how some of their banners live their own lives and I find that hypocritical. In this case, I think advancing insight is another name for “after me the deluge”, but where in Van Houten’s travel behavior do I see advancing insight? As I have written elsewhere: the citizen of the world consumes an average of 10,000 euros per year and we consume more than what the earth can offer us per year. So if you’re aware of it after gaining a progressive view, where exactly do I see it bringing consumption down to a manageable level? And no, I don’t do that either, but I don’t think I’m calling about that either. I would put all the money on adapting and accepting that the world is changing. Just as you can let loose on the FVD who like to keep the country white (and if they say so, then you have my blessing for that, to unleash you), people are now fanatically wishing for Dutch nature to remain the same. Well, as far as I’m concerned, it changes, just like the composition of people changes, I would say live with it.

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