Canadian Katana killer arrested following Halloween hacking

Police have identified the man arrested early Sunday in Canada Killing on Halloween night With a charge.

Carl Grovert, 24, killed two people and wounded five others while wearing a medieval dress on Saturday night in the historic downtown area of ​​Quebec City.

Giroward was arrested around 1 a.m. Sunday, about a mile from the attacks. Freelance photographer Steve Joliecore saw the arrest and said the swordsman was “dressed in black like a ninja.”

Giroward went from the Montreal area to the city and caused as much damage as possible, police said.

“Last night we were pushed into a terrifying night when a 24-year-old man who does not live in Quebec City came here with the clear intention of taking as many victims as possible,” said Quebec Police Chief Robert Pura.

Giroward had no criminal record before the attack, but police said he shared his intentions of committing these types of crimes in a “medical environment” five years ago.

The two men killed were identified as 56-year-old Franுவாois Duchesne and 61-year-old Suzanne Clermont. According to a neighbor, Clermont came out to smoke cigarettes when he was attacked.

Duchessne, who works at the Museo National des Piox-Arts to Quebec, was described as having his throat slit.

The other five victims have been admitted to hospital.

“Some have very significant distortions, but we are not afraid of their lives,” Pigeon said.

Giroward faces two counts of first-degree murder and five counts of attempted murder.

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