Can Kovid-19 be caught from the packaging? China detects active virus in food packages

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China’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has detected the active Covit-19 virus in the outer components of refrigerated food packaging, and shows the possibility of infection through such contaminated surfaces, state broadcaster CCTV reported.

The virus was found in food packaging in Qingdao in the coastal city of Shandong province, the report said, noting the origin of the product. Qingdao has registered a dozen new viral infections this month, most of which have been linked to a hospital treating infected passengers from abroad.

China has repeatedly stated in recent months that imported refrigerated products are risks of reintroducing the corona virus into the country. It has previously tested product packaging from various countries and detected positive cases of the virus. It banned imports of goods, including seafood from Indonesia and chicken wings from Brazil, following positive tests on shipping containers and food packaging.

World Health Organization experts have suggested that there is no evidence that the virus is transmitted through food packaging.

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