California expects corona virus-related hospitalization to rise 89% – deadline

“Of course cases are on the rise,” he said CaliforniaDr. Mark Galle, Director of Health and Human Services on Friday. Galle called this an “early concern” sign, and warned California residents not to lower their security before promising a hot weekend in most parts of the state.

State and local health experts have been warning for weeks about the increase in cases after Labor Day as people gather for parties and barbecues. Friday’s numbers could be the first sign of that trend, Galle said.

There were 3,400 new cases reported in the state on Friday, indicating a slight increase from the recent downturn, but the number of new cases is still a 14-day average, which has begun to rise slightly over the past few days. This is increased by 100 or more daily cases.

A variable test quantity of the equation. 99,000 tests were reported Friday in the state. Galle said the number was 180,000 in one day recently and about 50,000 trials last week. Those numbers have an impact on how many cases are identified, but with those fluctuations, it is unclear what its impact will be.

The oscillation of the test was due to the fact that many sites were closed due to heat and smoke, and some test sites saw a low number of intersections due to heat.

Galle said there were “early signs” that the state’s progress against the disease was slowing. He said it was two and a half weeks from Labor Day, five weeks for firefighters to evacuate homes and a few weeks to push into communal organizations.

See vacancy notice below.

The state’s positive rate has begun to rise, Galle said. Similarly, COVID-related ER visits and new hospital admissions due to the virus have been on the rise across the state over the past week.

In Los Angeles, the largest district in the state, health officials there Announced this week The transfer rate – the number of new cases seen for each current case – has risen above 1 for the first time in weeks. When that ratio is above 1, the vacuum, COVID-19 spreads “rapidly”.

When asked about the spread of L.A. vacancy, he said, “We’re worried.” Los Angeles saw the highest number of new cases – 3,400 – on Friday, the highest in the last two weeks.

The news comes as Los Angeles County is in a position to re-open under the state’s color-coded layout system.

“The measurements released by the government yesterday indicate that we have registered a number that qualifies us to reopen.” Said Barbara Ferrer Wetnedy, Director of Health and Human Services, LA County. But, as Deadline previously announced, the county will have to maintain those numbers for next week to actually reopen. That’s not good.

“Unfortunately, last week we saw an increase in cases,” Ferrer said, “so we don’t know if we’ll see another week when our numbers hit the threshold. [for reopening]. As these increases take place after the Labor Day weekend, we will continue to monitor this. ”

According to the new figures, the government plans to increase the number of hospitalized COVID patients by 89% – from nearly 2,600 to more than 4,800 by the end of October.

Vacancies and other health officials across the country are concerned about a “double” in which a hospital system that is already taxed with covit patients is more likely when the flu season arrives, and some of those patients require ICU care.

He was asked about this comment at a CNN citizens conference on Tuesday Dr. Anthony Fassi said, “We come to a weather where people spend a lot of time indoors, depending on your own social situation which means bad ventilation for you or another person inside, bad ventilation and difficulty in removing anything. Lead to spread.

“The truth is, we know we’re in serious trouble if we do not do certain things,” Fucci warned. “That understanding is not going to scare people, but I hope that blocking it will stifle them by realizing that it is in our hands.”

Last month, CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield Was still naked He warned that the current epidemic, which coincides with the coming flu season, was “a catastrophic fall, from a public health perspective, that we have never seen before.”

California numbers come in the day the United States registered 7 million viruses since the outbreak, with the country accounting for 200,000 COVID-19 deaths that week. Friday numbers are rising in 23 states, according to Johns Hopkins University data. The virus killed more than 15,000 people in California on Monday.

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