Byron Buxton, Josh Donaldson Injury Updates

MINNEAPOLIS – Byrne Buxton also appeared on a light blue turf around the batting training cage from the trench as various doubles players and coaches descended on the field for training on Monday afternoon. He joked with some of the teammates, laughed at something, and walked out to center field.

MINNEAPOLIS – As various doubles players and coaches descended on the field for training on Monday afternoon, Byron Buxton The batting training emerged from digging into the light blue tar around the cage. He joked with some teammates, laughed at something, and went out to center field to shake some flying balls.

After stopping the practice of a short shower, Josh Donaldson Emerged with the next group and began to launch line drivers to the opposite field.

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The active participation of both Buxton and Donaldson is a step in the right direction for the duo a day before the start of the three-game wild card series against the Astros. After the pair missed the final two games of the regular season with injuries sustained during Friday’s game against the Reds, returning to the starting line-up will be a necessary boost for the Pamba team.

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“We want to learn as much as we can before we put anything in stone to move forward, but this is a relatively good day for both of us,” manager Rogo Baldelli said.

Buxton also took some swings in the cage, Baldelli said, in addition to the shocking he did on the outfield. Donaldson’s real test then came in the workout, when he got down to first-base line-up to play catch for the first time with head athletics coach Michael Salazar and strength and conditioning director Ian Kadish, and to test the movement in his legs. Since his injury.

Buxton was ruled out of Friday’s game after being hit by a pitch in the helmet and suffering from head confusion and mild concussion symptoms. Donaldson was dragged after pulling his right calf, and earlier that year he suffered the same muscle strain.

However, Baldelli warned that the CD would not be released until 10 a.m. Tuesday. No definite decision has yet been made on the club’s list for the wild card series before the deadline. The duo will use all that time to make final quiz decisions about the list.

Twins-Astros Wildcard Series Questions

“We can’t get anything because, obviously, we’re going to learn more in the second half of today, maybe even in the morning,” Baldelli said.

Recent injury histories of Donaldson, Buxton and Louis Ares (left knee tendinitis, left ankle sprain) may force the duo to add more infield depth to the list for the wildcard series. Jack Cave Buxton could serve as insurer, and Marvin Gonzalez could fill third and second positions, but in the absence of Lamont Wade Jr., who was selected for the alternative training base on Saturday, Gonzalez could be put on backup outfield duty.

This would leave Ehre Adrienza deep in the duo’s only real field, which could lead to the addition of Williams Astudillo or Travis Blankenhorn.

Depends on what the duo see on Tuesday morning.

The duo are making history with the 2017 Astros

The two key members of the 2017 Dodgers team that dropped the controversial World Series to Rich Hill and the Astros are the duo and Game1 starter Kenta Maida. Much of that Houston core is still intact at the 2020 club facing Maida in today’s opening game.

But Maida and the other twins don’t care about that. Their focus is not on history; It has the opportunity in front of them.

“Not really,” Mida said. “I try not to let anything in the past affect what is happening now. I’m no longer with the Dodgers. I’m a twin now. Now I think my main focus is to go out there and contribute to my team’s success.”

Baldelli noted that he did not think about it in any way in preparation for the wild card series, and said he had never heard his players discuss it at the clubhouse. The 2017 Astros aren’t nearly as important to them as the ’20 team that takes the field in Minneapolis.

“That’s what it is at this point,” Tyler Duffy said. “We can not worry about that, we can not go out there and try out guys in a seasonal game. We have to play baseball. We have to win games. That’s what’s coming down.” Everyone in our locker room – I can not say enough – we stay inside ourselves and follow each other. . “

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