Business for Cleveland Indians reunites Josh Neylar with ‘family’ at Franmil Reis, maybe down the road

CLEVELAND, Ohio – The first call Josh Neylar received from his brother Bo Neyler following the news of his trade break from San Diego to Cleveland on Monday was the selection of the Indians’ first-round draft in 2018.

While senior Neylar waits for the day when he can take the field with his siblings for a big league game, he will play alongside Franmil Reyes, a brother and a friend who considers him a brother in a completely different environment. .

“He’s family to me, man,” Neyler said of Reyes Cleveland 10-1 win in Kansas City Tuesday. “His family is my family. I love him to death.”

Neyler said he developed a close relationship with Reyes during his time in San Diego, before he was traded to Cleveland last July. In a Post Game Zoom interview, Reyes refers to his baby Neylar as “Uncle Josh”.

“I like it,” Neyler said. “He has beautiful children. He is like a brother to me and I will take care of him like my own. ”

Nailer and Reyes each had a memorable game on Tuesday, with Reys amassing five wins in the second innings, including a two-run home run, and Nailer announcing his first two Indian wins and a Reserve Bank. For Neylar, the scene was reminiscent of Reyes’ time with Patros, where he displayed his true power potential.

“It doesn’t matter where he plays, he’s going to be the same monster,” Neyler said. “He has incredible power over all parts of the field. He’s disciplined. He plays hard and he keeps doing things throughout the game.”

Josh Neyler

Cleveland Indians’ Josh Naylor scored the double goal for Roberto Perez after knocking down Kansas City Royals catcher Mibris Viloria. )Andhra

Meanwhile, Nailer’s real brother has been working at the Cleveland alternative training base in Eastlake since July. Now the big brother will play on the progressive field, and the Nailers are very close to realizing the childhood dream of playing together on the same big league team.

“He’s coming here soon and he’s in line with me,” Josh Neyler said. “Hopefully the stars get together, we’re in line, we can hang out every day and live together. It should be an exciting time.”

Neylar said he was “over the moon” excited when his family learned about the trade, but for now the club’s instructions are to enjoy playing his own game. Joining the Indians gives Nailer the opportunity to play regularly on the outfield, where he started the game on Tuesday, or he finished it on the first floor.

“I think it’s good to go anywhere,” Neyler said. “Patress prepared me enough to play outside or play first or wherever I put them. They helped me develop my game a lot and put me in a position where I could win at any level I play.”

Neyler said no player is always perfect and there are plenty of areas he needs to continue to work on to position himself in the major leagues.

“If I could do it better every day on the first floor or on the left field or on the right field anywhere, I would do it,” Neyler said. “I’m going to try and grow there and be the best player for the Indians.”

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