Britney Spears loses attempt to end father’s conservatism

In the latest development of The ongoing legal battle In between Britney Spears And His father, Jamie Spears, With control of Britney’s business and finances, Los Angeles High Court Judge Brenda Penny confirmed at a hearing Tuesday that Jamie was protecting her daughter. However, Penny said he would consider future petitions to suspend Jamie or remove him as Conservator. At Britney’s request, Penny appointed the financial institution Bessemer Trust as co – protector. At Tuesday’s hearing, Britney’s lawyer Samuel Ingham said, “My client told me he was afraid of his father.” “If her father was in charge of her business she would never perform again.”

Jamie was appointed Britney’s bodyguard in 2008, but has been in that position for 12 years Conservatives Usually temporary and reserved only for “old, weak and mentally handicapped” Angels Times. When Jamie stepped down as Britney’s personal guardian in September 2019, despite being a singer, he was the guardian of his garden General preference Get rid of him. Tuesday’s hearing was set to calculate Britney and Jamie’s expenses and review several movements. At Tuesday’s hearing, Ingham said Britney and her father had not spoken “for a long time” and that there was no “possible work relationship.”

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