Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston reunited for a good cause

“Hi Broad, I thought you were always beautiful.”

Although they have been divorced for 15 years now, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are still together Incredibly cold. Their latest participation is a Fast Times on Ridgemond Highway Table reading If not it is not possible.

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Brad and Jen took one of the most, um, disgusting and memorable scenes in the film: Linda Barrett, starring Phoebe Gates, walking in Brad Hamilton (Judge Reinhold) and imagining his top even more.

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For that Fast Times Table reading, held to raise funds for corona virus infection relief – led by non-profit Core And Coalition reform – Also played by Jennifer Linda and Brad … you guessed it.

He introduced himself: “Brad will study Brad’s character.” And, aha, did he get the props and everything ready?

Just like Jen did.


Notice the bikini top.

“Hi Broad, you know I always thought you were so beautiful. I think you’re so sexy. Will you come to me?”

It was definitely a moment.

Of course, Brad and Jen weren’t the only actors – the cast for the read table had the most familiar faces.


After Jen, Brad and Dan Cook played Mark “Rat” Rotten, Morgan Freeman provided stage directions, with Henry Golding as Mr. As Vargas said, Jimmy Kimmel played “30 different characters, many of whom were teenage girls”, Shia LaBeouf was almost as trustworthy as Jeff Spicoli, John Legend Charles Jefferson and his younger brother Ray Lotta. Stacey is Hamilton.

The table of contents is not the entire script, but rather some “classic scenes” – as Brad and Jen did.

The exchange of Brad and Jen was definitely the culmination of the evening (sorry), Shia LaBeouf deserved some sort of award for her performance.

Brad was really amazed to see Shia Spicoli.

No one has ever been involved in the table I read before.

See for yourself, look at the whole thing Here.

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