Bills QB Josh Allen creates apology form on social media (send it)

Timbaland and a Republican once said, “It’s too late to apologize.”

That may be the case at some point in life, but some members of the Pills Mafia are now apologizing Buffalo Bills Quarterback Josh Allen.

In fact, you can apologize for being wrong about the bills quarterback. The fan base is spreading apology forms on Twitter and Reddit. In addition to the caption photo, here is another version of the apology form for anyone who attacked the buffalo for choosing the QB or for those who believed Allen was a bust.

Don’t feel too bad if you find yourself in a group of people who can fill out an apology form. You have some good company.

Aaron Shots, a football outsider, described him as “a parody of an NFL quarterback opportunity.”

2018 Almanac via Football Outsiders:

“A mockery of the NFL quarterback opportunity, Allen was bad on the track in 2017 not even making a Mountain West team. There is zero empirical evidence in favor of becoming a fair NFL Quarterback Starts If you think the excuse for his supporting cast in Wyoming is bad, wait until these bills see the crime … Like, that’s wrong. “

He is not alone in his critique of Pills Quarterback.

Former Cowboys quarterback Troy Aigman said it was hard to imagine Allen overcoming his precision issues.

NESN’s Duck Guide revealed the accuracy of the quarterback.

Barrett Siley of CBS Sports went so far as to say that Bills prefers medium.

The Old Tax Expo, which shares a page badly, said that if the buffalo were taken to a Super Bowl, Josh could write a description based on all that Allen takes.

Some analysts are beginning to admit that they are wrong. It wasn’t too late for the others to join the party after Allen ’s best game in three weeks.

The quarterback team had nothing but ingenuity to lead the buffaloes to victories over the past two weeks. His performance against the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday was 311 yards and completed 33 of 24 passes (73%) for four touchdowns. He added a fifth touchdown to the ground in a 35-32 victory.

In three games, Allen has crossed 1,038 yards and has 10 touchdowns with more than 70% percent. He also has two quick touchdowns this season.

Simply put, Allen has been a formal MVP candidate for three weeks. His comfort level is evident with the offense of Brian Dabolin and he does an excellent job of spreading the ball to Stephen Dix, John Brown, Cole Beasley, Gabriel Davis and others.

Some Neanderthals will never admit that they made a mistake about Bills Quarterback, but Allen deserves a lot of praise – and like many apology forms – based on how much he has grown up with the buffalo in his time.

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