Bill O’Brien was shot by Texans before arguments with JJ Watt and defensive coordinator

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Bill O’Brien’s tenure as head coach / general manager Houston Texans Was interested in many ways, and the latest report pointed out that there may have been turmoil behind closed doors. According to Aaron Wilson Houston Chronicle, O’Brien star debated with defensive decision JJ Watt and training field defense coordinator Anthony Weaver, and in his final weeks with verbal arguments with other staff Before being removed.

This is what it comes down to CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canpora On Monday, he said O’Brien was practically at odds with key players and that accepting game call duties was a last-ditch effort to keep things within the company. Another move that is said to have misled O’Brien’s motivators to bring free agent protection. Earl Thomas – was a possible addition Met with strong pushback By the Texans locker room.

According to La Canberra, O’Brien’s relations with his soldiers have long been strained, and Diandre Hopkins Business certainly doesn’t help things. Texans traded for Hopkins and 2020 fourth round test Arizona Cardinals David Johnson and his biggest deal, this office for the 2020 second round selection and the 2021 fourth round selection. It was very surprising that one of the best recipients of the Texans game failed to get a first-round pick.

The next morning after removing Texans O’Brien, Watt tweeted this photo on the field at NRG Stadium. The “why” behind this post is debatable, but it may be related to the creation of a new era of Texans football.

Romeo Grennel is in charge as interim head coach for the Texans, and when asked what he would like to see progress from his team, he simply said He wants to see a change.

“I believe our attitude and energy are different,” Grennell said. Via Wilson. “I hope our performance is different. You ‘re not going to put a new offense or defense on overnight.”

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